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  1. When I mentioned bobbin holders above, it's the same thing as a bobbin, I guess. My wife likes to sew and she calls thread spools bobbins, and the fly tying tool a bobbin holder...
  2. Graham


    I noticed Ali Baba placed a watermark on my images as well.
  3. I'm wondering, when you adjust the Rite Bobbin holders, do they click when you make adjustments, or do yours work similar to tightening a smooth cork drag? I bought two Rite bobbin holders when they first came onto the market, and I haven't used them since day one, because each adjustment clicks into position, one click to the left is too loose, and one click to the right is too tight. I use the long tube Matarelli bobbin holders, very light weight, and great for precision tying, especially between legs and wraping thread around legs. Maybe the Rite bobbin holders have a different drag adjustment now, when compared to the ones I bought about 12 years ago. I'll pull them out of my tool drawer and try them again, but I remember them feeling very heavy when compared to Matarelli's. I'd love to tye with a bobbin holder with a smooth adjustable drag. The Rite Mag and Rite Cermag look like the one's I have.
  4. Hi Al, Thank you again for the offer, as well as for your reply. I realized a while back that fly fishing magazines pay considerably less for images than other mags, likely because it is such a small market compared to others. AA paid me $600 for a cover, and recently sent me another check for $100 because they are going to re-publish the steelhead image as a 1/4 page inside the mag in the next issue. A while back I received an e-mail from the photo editor at Ducks Unlimited seeking a ducks in flight shot, in a marsh setting, with storm clouds in the sky. They pay $600 for a 1/4 page inside shot. I didn't ask what a cover pays. ( I didn't have the image they were seeking) One good thing about the fly fishing mags, they don't expect exclusive rights, and the photos can be re-sold numerous times, assuming they are marketable as such. I've spent the past 26 years doing solar energy work, and some installations are much more profitable than others, but that’s just the way it is. In fact, my favorite projects were done for free, as donations, to non-profit organizations, such as solar powering the condor release sites on top of the mountains in Big Sur California. Some good memories and tax deductions...lol... I would rather spend my photography time capturing images I'm passionate about, for less money, rather than being bored and unexcited, for more $. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do that fly fish and photograph, except for family related stuff…. Graham [email protected]
  5. Hi Al, I'm interested! I recently filed a DBA and opened a new bank account to facilitate sales of photography and art. It's exciting how fast things get moving, and yesterday I did my first corporate assignment, photographing a high end store; exterior, interior, employees, merchandise, etc... Was challenging, paid very well, but I much prefer doing outdoor nature types of work, such as fly fishing, wildlife and scenery. A D3 would have come in handy yesterday. I've also invested in about a dozen different books relating to the business of professional photography, including dozens of legal forms, contracts, pricing, licensing, etc. I realize the big money is in advertising, fashion, etc, but I really want to go in the direction of my passion, and those types of shots will hopefully prove suitable for your applications. I don't put all of my photos on my website, and lately have been slowing down on the number posted online. Seems like the best income is derived from selling exclusive rights to images, which means I can't take the risk that people will copy them, and be seen later by those who pay a premium price for exclusive rights. I'm wondering, do people send you DVD's with image collections? I've been told that's how a number of nature photographers work, basically sending their images to those they trust, knowing that if they are published a payment will be made. Cheers, Graham
  6. A boy feeds them to his pet spider in a movie that starts filming next week.
  7. You have some serious tying skills Bruce, your deer hair frogs are awesome! I really enjoy viewing your video tutorials and appreciate the time it takes for you to share your work so clearly. Great stuf!!! Graham
  8. Graham


    Wow Ulf that is an amazing looking ant, and the legs are perfection!!! WOW! Graham
  9. I agree, very nice Mike. This insect looks like a lot of fun to tye and color. Graham
  10. Wow, Fred, I can see that you put a lot of time and effort into this amazing crayfish, it looks super realistic and appears to be ready to pinch those who dare touch it. Very, very nice!!! Graham
  11. Mike, your hoppers look fantastic, also looks like they are trying to make baby hoppers in the first pic. You'd better watch out for the swarm when spring arrives! Graham
  12. Wow, I really love the look of these images. I'm wondering how some would look without a gradient background, instead create an image where someone is handing a pop-frame to another person. Anyway, this looks like a lot of fun to play with. Graham
  13. Hey fishaholic69, Your not a dufus, not at all, and yes, maybe I am a crazy man...lol.. Typically I feel proud when one of my creations is mistaken for a real critter. Now here's a story about a real dufus.... http://www.rantsnraves.org/showthread.php?t=6047 Thank for helping me start my morning with a smile. Cheers, Graham
  14. Graham


    I'll join the swap. It looks like I only need to send one fly?
  15. What a beautiful piece of art! Looks fantastic Graham
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