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  1. I haven't fished the park, but I do fish for big brookies north of there. Here are a few patterns and links to try. streamers 1. wolly buggers or bead head buggers 2. strip leeches 3. muddler minnows drys 1. stimulators 2. wulffs 3. Goddard Caddis A few links Ontario's Algonquin Park by Nick Pujic http://www.hatchesmagazine.com/page/month/342 TheFlyFishingBug http://groups.msn.com/TheFlyFishingBug/flyrecipelist.msnw Brook Trout Heaven http://members.shaw.ca/amuir/ good luck and let us know how it goes. Guidofisherman
  2. I have also resorted to the auto setting, but it seems slower to focus. I was using the underwater setting when diving in Cuba but now I just adjust the photos in PS.
  3. Great shots. The partially submerged shots are my favourite. The G10 has done a super job. It did a great job on the white balance. What settings did you use? Having taken underwater photos of steelhead and brookies myself, I know how challenging the cold can be and getting the focus. I look forward to seeing some more. Alan
  4. You have a great eye for composition and interesting photo angles. I really like the DOF in the last shot and would love to see the excellent composition of the B&W in colour. I'm impressed! Alan
  5. I really like the total layout, colour scheme and rollover addition. It displays the best part...your photo composition. Great work. What program did you use to create the site?
  6. Very nice shots. I like the composition of the shots and the great use of DOF. Alan
  7. Congratulations. I also 'bit the bullet' and just bought the Nikon D40 body with the 18-200 VR zoom. What a difference from my old P&S camera.
  8. I am very impressed with the composition of each shot as they tell a story. The post processing is also excellent. Could you share a bit about how you adjusted the first few? Excellent work! Alan
  9. The palm shot was just lucky. Yes, it was taken on an olive strip leech. The fish stayed long enough for several burst shots and then flipped off. The blue thing in the back is a tag that I inserted for the MNR as part of a research project. No, they are not officially Coasters as they were caught above a dam with no direct access to Lake Superior, but they are often referred to as Coasters because of their size. Alan
  10. Here are a few shots from the summer to welcome in the new year. They were shot with a small Canon P&S with an under water case. Alan
  11. Now there is somebody with a photographic eye. It's not about megapixels, resolution, or expensive equipment...its the eye of the photographer. Very well done Graham! I especially like the use of light in the head shots and the DOF of the flyfisherman pic. Great! Alan
  12. Here is the link to the tutorial for the PS pop-outs. http://video-tutorials-chile.blogspot.com/...om-picture.html Alan
  13. I have been playing around with Photoshop to create these shots that seems to jump out of the frame. I simply followed a tutorial I found on the web then added the frame details on my own. I think they look a little more impressive on the black background on my site. Alan
  14. The wide part of the shirt tag makes cool wings, but I use the other end for eyes and just melt the tips a bit for crayfish, scud and small nymphs etc.
  15. Pentax Optio series is great and my choice for limited wet use. Also remember...it does not float so use the wrist strap over water. I use the Canon series of P&S cameras that have an underwater case specifically designed for them. Here is a link to their info: http://web.canon.jp/imaging/uwphoto/index-e.html The case is a bit bulkier, but can go 130ft for diving and protects the camera better. The case costs about $150 over the camera cost. I also keeps sand out of the lens cover which can jamb in a beach setting.
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