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  1. the link never worked! what is going on. we're in northern ireland and i have my husband dragging behind by a chain. he fell and he fell good. he fell for me and since then life has been a struggle... to get some apples from the 60foot apple tree. apart from that everything is great. we just need some fresh apples.
  2. well, it would seem the truth is out. im very flattered by what my husband said about me... why dont you say it more often eejit?! just yolking you egg ho ho ho.. thank you. you can all come out from hiding now. i have found him and he is mine. quick word to 'leaky waders'... dunkel is a word, then to 'Jon G'.. not only are we heading to the UK but we are indeed heading to my hometown of where i have spent most of my life.. ballyclare northern ireland. the guiness will flow and songs will be sang, confessions made and head aches in the morning. guiness turns your shite black did you know?! (or so im told by my guiness loving dad) can i just say that if any of you see my dog while we are away, please send him home to me. we have to leave him behind with the in laws but its breaking my heart. six months quarantine... what the hell is with that?! thank you all for hosting my topic. it was great to meet you all. PS.. i am an excellent shot with the 454.. i kick ass! whoop whoop... to my wee petal face.. well, you know.. 'that'
  3. you dunkel... thats not spatacus!
  4. wow, i cant believe that this topic has gotten so many views.. im honoured. i wonder does that mean that all the husbands and partners out there are somewhat aware of their obsession (not saying its a bad one) and therefore think that their mrs. would come here like my good self as a spy and break this from within. tomorrow i leave for the UK so today could well be the end today. 18:42 is still on the agenda. my husband... you have only a short time to reveal yourself and save your fellow fly tyers... show yourself..
  5. tisk tisk, fly time my friend. im afraid you do not understand. anyone can work magic on photoshop but as it is... my art of the embarassing picture is not doctored in any way. you can take it that what i will show you should my demands not be met will be of truth. PS sending a man to do a womans job. be a man... why shoot from over a mile? scared? husband of mine, you are my dear but time is running out. dare you divulge who you are?
  6. PS i am heavily armed. no sniper will get the chance to take a clear shot for one foot over my boundaries and they shall be no more. i repeat, heavily armed. if you are brave enough, make that move, if you want to keep your man hood, i suggest you find some other friends. over
  7. so heres the deal... i am a spy, but not for what you think you think you know. this wednesday i will be heading out of here and all that i have captured will be left, like my husband, bound and gagged in the dog kennels. all they have now is nothing. you are nothing without your partner. you shall indeed learn this the hard way. be afraid. my husband knows of what i speak... you should know your own wife. if you do not come forward you will never see or hear from your friends again. indeed i will be forced to find the most embarassing picture i can find of you and post it here for all to see. you have 24 hours. the time is 18:42 (nearly time for 24 so i must leave) i wish you the best of luck. call me bitch. over.
  8. dogs really are a womans best friend
  9. when i tie a wee fly i like to expand the mind and see where else it takes me. sometimes i tie the fly to the leader, attach it to a stick and fling it across a pond where i hear frogs. all this effort to try and catch a frog. how do you use your flies? (apart from to catch fish?)
  10. i have myself a wee rod that i got for my birthday. its pretty. i like it. the one i had before my better half broke (sniff) so he got me a new one. i dont know how to fish very well but i try! oh how i try. i find it difficult to get up in the morning as im not a morning person at all... one day i was out fishing with me dear and the river was overrun of fish. well, at the time i wasnt a resident so i didnt have a fishing license (i wasnt fishing at this time either) but below the dog and i there were tons of fish. id never seen so many wild. i went to the truck and got a rod (tut tut i know.. please dont persecute me) i didnt know where my bait was so i found a wee bit of.. tree(?) on the ground and i wrapped it around the hook. certain i was going to catch something i dropped the line into the water below me and waited for my bite. i was so certain i was going to get a bite. i waited, i waited a bit longer and eventually... no i didnt get a bite. my make shift bait fell off the hook and away into the abyss. there was nothing left to do. the morning was chilly so i went and sat on a rock with my dog. i kinda nodded off a wee bit while my head rested on a rock. i woke up to my dog being sick by my head... lovely. so thats my story... im not much of a fisherlady, but i do try..
  11. today i found my husband and thank god... the dog. they had taken up shelter along the river where i found them in awful need of some nourishment. my husband thought he might try his hand at 'noodling' just like he had seen on 'dirty jobs' a wee while ago. the dog looked scared and my husband looked crazy. i now see my dearest in a different light, he travelled a path less travelled and looked well for it despite my dogs now fear of the words 'were nearly there'. a hug is where he found himself and then followed swiftly by a clonk on the head and now he lays chained up in the dogs kennel where he will be fed twice a day through bars. he has a lot of power tools in the garage that im sure he wishes he had never trusted into my delicate wee hands controlled my questionable mind....
  12. the panic doesnt end there.. hes taken the dog too! please bring my dog home, sniff
  13. dear members of the forum. as the beloved wife of a dear fisherman on this forum i would just like to say 'where did my husband go to???' it would seem an addiction that he makes it here. i feel priviledged to see him every now and again when hes either not tying flies of checking in on you guys. anyway, oh yeah, i like tying the odd fly every now and then. i would post a picture but as of yet im unable to find my camera. they are quite cute if i do say so myself. til later!
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