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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all. Stay tuned. I will be posting something later today about this year's swap. I already have four participants including myself, and I will be asking J Stockards to help out again this year. 1. Li'lDave - done 2. Richard (member of my club) - received 3. Fishing Bob - received 4. Horsehoes - awol damn it. 5. Vicrider - received 6. Idaho RC - received 7. Adam Saarinen - received 8. Cphubert - received 9. Jburge - received 10. Retrocarp - received 11. agn54 - received 12. flatrock native - received. We will again be asking for a specific set of flies from each. Any extras will be divided up and sent through to the guys and girls hosting the retreat. EDIT: We are working on 12 flies for each lady. The organisers have been quite specific in their request for patterns (see below) but please do your best to stick to 12 flies for each box (a couple of nymphs, streamer, emergers, terrestrials and dries). size 14/16 Pheasant tail nymph, hare and copper, hares ear prince nymph Size 10/12 damsel fly nymph, baetis nymph Size 4/6/8 Mrs Simpsons (lead wrapped for weight, in olive, brown or black). size 10 woolly bugger - olive and black size 10 black/red matuka size12/14 emergers size 10/12 hoppers or green / brown beetles size 12/14/16 dry flies royal wulff, caddis, stimulator dry fly, blue blow fly, parachute adams or klinkhamers I am NOT asking you to examples of each, but a nice selection is what we're aiming for. Please have them to me by May 31 2017. It's a way off, but I want to make sure I get all my ducks in a row. Many thanks Edit. Huge thank you to cphubert for offering to tie the mrs simpson patterns
  2. Hey guys. Can't remember exactly when we did the surface water swap.... but I remember 2015 I caught a bunch of Australian salmon (kahawai) on the deerhair popper we got from it. Today... i had two of the poppers with me while I fished some virgining flood waters... thankfully I did too, because I happened onto a hot little surface bite on baby tarpon up to about 25 inches long (quite large for freshwater billabongs and creeks in these parts and great fun on the 2wt). Unfortunately I lost both to fish.... Thank you to the tiers!
  3. Li'lDave

    Coming up

    Two big weekends coming up in my calendar. The first is this coming weekend, as we (the North Queensland Flyfishers) head to the Northern end of Hinchinbrook Channel for the weekend to fish the estuaries and flats iconic to the region. The second is the same time next month. This time we'll be based in the southern end of the Hinchinbrook Channel, for the 2015 Hinchinbrook Challenge. I think we have 16 teams competing this year, which is nice after a break last year. Two days chasing as many of 15 target species as we can find. Catch and release, photo based comp, and only three fish of each allowed per day. Super keen, and this year I've a few more forum ties in the box to see if they'll work......
  4. Went out with a few boys from the club today. Tough day out... worth every minute. personal best fly capture... 1m long queenfish on a 9wt and 20lb tippet...caught out of 45ft
  5. Have been playing with some downsized crab flies over the Christmas period.... And being summer here I used this morning's run-out to test their usefulness on my 2 weight.... The patterns themselves are very simple, and modelled on an Australian pattern known as the VGDC fly (Voltzy's Goldy Destroyer Fly), which is a killer on sweetlip (blue and brown bastards, and golden trevally). My goal was to make them smaller and lighter, and tie them with weedguards. So I tied up a few on size 6 SL45S and B10S for local bream, mangrove snapper, grunter (javelin) and a few other things to have a look at. It was a tough morning, but I sighted a number of fish, and overall was definitely successful. It's closed season for the barramundi, so I only got one shot off at the fella I sighted.... Unfortunately it was a poorly composed photo without a polarised filter on the lens It's been a tough end to 2013 for me, so it was good to get on the water and have a think by myself... I'm still messed up, but hey... I can still tie flies and cast the wand
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