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Found 4 results

  1. I thought it would be interesting to see what homemade fly tying tools people have come up with over their years of experience. Things like dubbing brushes/spinners, packers, holders, etc. Or even other useful repurposed items you have on your benches. I ask because I was gifted a bobbin threader that is made with the metal wire. I had just been using a piece of doubled over 10lb tippet to thread it prior to this. After using the metal wired threader I noticed the thread kind of catching inside the bobbin, not enough to snag or cut it but enough to p*ss me off. Maybe I shouldn't have used this kind of threader on a ceramic tubed bobbin? Anyway friends... LETS SEE THEM SHANKS!
  2. Hello everyone! Trout are hard to come by down here but time to tie is not. I thought I'd share a picture of my DIY pedestal, representing the best in redneck ingenuity. This thing is rock-solid, was $12 from the antique market, and comes with built-in material compartments. It even makes corn bread on the trail I'm new to this site and it looks like a great community. All the best, Cornbread (?)
  3. I was going to put this in the SBS section, but, after I saw all the beautiful pics, I thought this was a better place. If anyone finds a need for some barbell eyes and don't have any, here is how I solved the issue: I have some small pearl beads about the same size as some stick on eyes I have. I opened a paper clip and placed a bead on the end, so that the end of the wire was just inside the bead, then applied a small amount of super glue to the open hole. Capillary action sucked the super glue inside and secured the bead. I then laid the paper clip wire over another bead and marked the length needed to make the barbell. A pair of wire cutters easily cut the wire and don't worry about the sharp end as it will be inside the next bead. Once again, place the bead over the end of the wire with the end just inside the bead and place a very small amount of super glue on the hole. The next step is to stick an 'eye' on the end of each bead, mix some 30 min epoxy and apply a small amount over the entire bead. I held the barbell with some locking forceps for ease of epoxy application. Build up the epoxy on the very end of each side, the curvature will tend to magnify the eye giving it a 3D look. Once set, attach the 'barbell' to your hook in the conventional manner (figure 8 around the barbell with a build up of thread on each side of the barbell). A touch of super glue on the thread, if preferred, will permanently secure the eyes in place. I'll try to get some pictures very soon.
  4. Ok, here's my first try ever! i plan to produce these on demand as handmade, if there is anyone fond of these kind of flyboxes, of course. Also i plan on building ore copmlex, more advanced hand made flyboxes, as in series production. Unfortunatly this is not going to be easy in my country, so there will be soe time until i acomplish what is now just an idea, but still i need opinion on my first try. This was made entirely with primitive tools, of which some were made by me, like some small chisels made of screwdrivers, since for enterior there aren't any special chisels to buy here. materials list: ash - for wood simple enclouser system, since i couldn't anything magnetic in my little town resin - good old all naturelle shellac lacca, disolvable in 96%ethyl alcohol, elements proof, deratologically neutral in ruby red collour ash lumber is of consistant properties all through, so the under bark portion where wood worms are only able to eat ash(since it is extremly hard wood) gave these nice worm carvings inner material - simple bathroom non-slip spongie thing - unfortunatly i wasnt able to find foam material ina retail, i could only order like 10k pieces pre cut, which was not an opnion for my budget of 0 whatever for such large order Anyway, any proposition, sugestion good or bad is more than welcome. Thank you in advance. Some pricing advice will also be apriciated, you know: How much would any of you be prepared to pay. Nevermind that you are not from my country, i just want to know Here are some pics:
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