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  1. I just have a little cheapo rig that came with a fly tying kit. However, I have made a lot of flies with it. It has been fine to learn on. Now my arthritis has reached the point that I can mo longer perform the tasks needed. I have a LOT of materials and tools I would like to sell as a unit. If anyone is interested, drop me a note for pics and a list.
  2. FYI, I have not posted in a,very long time due to a series of physical issues. I broke my left leg, then my lower back required surgery, I developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome in my left leg, then a Morten's Neuroma in my left foot, and just recently I went through a very painful surgery to repair a broken left hand. On a good note, I am on the mend and should be "slinging some line" in about a month...just in time for the sand bass run!
  3. I use a piece of junk that came with a fly tying kit purchased at Gander Mountain for about $30 (for the entire kit). I have tied many successful flies in spite of the vise being rather difficult to use. The best thing I can say about it is that it works, not especially well, but, it does work.
  4. Salty, That is one beautiful fly! You have done a fine job paying homage to that gorgeous car! I wish Rex had a feather up his butt and I had that car......we would both be tickled!!!! Seriously, both the fly and the car are superb!!
  5. I realize this is an old thread, however, I just happened upon it. It piqued my curiosity in that I have never heard of Congo hair or EP and have no idea what either of them are. One thing I did notice as a common beef in most of the thread, was availability, cost and the time to obtain it. From what I could see of the product, it has an amazing similarity to "public" hair. Using a little dry fly treatment on it if desired, should keep it from absorbing water. It might be a good idea to do the treating before harvesting.
  6. @Triplef.............is that a thumb or a big toe with the fly buried in it? I'm hook shy as anybody and that just gave me chills when I saw that picture. I hope you had the barb flattened! How did you get it out?
  7. @Flytire That Freedom Hawk is double cool looking. I like my Ocean Prowler 13' 4" with the ACK "Gone Fishing" seat!, but, the Freedom Hawk looks to be a LOT more stable with the pontoons out.
  8. LOL ... when were you in, Roland? Rank has been a bit harder than that to attain for some time. Back in the early 80's, when I started, it took 4 years before I made E-5 ... and that was re-enlistment incentive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Mike, Sorry it took so long to answer, I just now saw your question (I'm not much on forums, mostly a "lurker"). I was in from 1967 to 1970, the "good" years for Nam, har. I was pretty safe where I was and the fact that I was in artillery. The really scary stuff was having to leave our camp for some reason. I was going to send this cat a little of what I have (which isn't much), but, I have yet to see an address! Hook a big one, R
  9. Thank you, gentlemen, It appears that I will be using only the feathers purchased at a shop or the internet. I am, however, going to use what I salvaged from the carcass in my yard since I already have them. At 70 years old I will simply shake my cane threateningly at the judge and plead for mercy.
  10. Hi All, I know (or think) there are some laws against using feathers from certain birds, i.e. Bald Eagles, but how do I find out about others? I found a freshly dead Thrush in my front yard and figured I would help myself to some feathers it was no longer using. Other than being kinda gross, is there anything legally wrong with doing this? (I did get some great looking patterned feathers) I can't recall ever seeing the "feather police" anytime I have been fishing.
  11. @JSzymczyk, Just a quick note to thank you for your service and let you know how much I enjoy reading your most intelligent replies. You are a great credit to this forum. You may take this as a hand shake!
  12. Welcome Warren, If you were just a little bit closer to Tyler, we could do some yak fishing. I just got my first yak (Ocean Prowler 13'4") some months ago and started fly tying just before that. You have become a part of a great forum with even greater people, all willing to help any way they can. Once again, welcome and enjoy your stay!
  13. Nothing wrong with that fat spider, the second one. I mean, let's face it, it has a bass hanging on it!!
  14. If it turns out to be a problem, it could easily be removed. I will be ordering some white buck tail very soon. If I ever get a chance to try it out, I will report back with results.
  15. It may not be the best, but, it is a vast improvement over the green Mardi gras fly. It looked, except for the colors, just like a real clouser. Because of the majority of dark colors (that's the only color of bucktail I had), I decided to put a little splash of Orange on the back using PIP (whatever that is). I have a feeling the bass are going to like this one!
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