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Found 10 results

  1. Here is a popper in red that I tied up for use up at Navajo Lake. We did pick up some smallmouths and some scrappy bluegills.
  2. Although it seems we've had a reprieve from the drought this year in California, I started fishing for bass 2 months ago, ignoring moving water and concentrating on still. I haven't been out as much as I would like but plan on going again tomorrow (it's been almost a month!). I started tying trout flies with my new vise over the fall and winter, but bass flies are so much more fun (and easier). I've been bringing a buddy new to fly fishing and he's loving the foothill lake we've been concentrating on this spring. Here are some of the flies I've been trying out for largemouth bass. Let me know what you think. Here's a shot of the lake we've been fishing. That's the buddy in the distance And though targeting LMB, i stumbled across this crappie fishing a grey and white clouser. and now for a few of the bass bugs i've tied today. (cutting the blue floor tile by hand is NOT the way to go eric fresno, ca.
  3. This is the second try, lost the first one. I had a popper turn out pretty good and wanted to share it. Someday I'll figure videos out. I used an Eagle Claw #6, Pheasant tail, black saddle hackle, 3/8" x 3/8" x 1/4" balsa, finger nail polish (red, green, white), red Sharpie, high float fiber from Fly Tier's Dungeon, holographic tinsel, 3D eyes, red thread, 5 min. epoxy. I shaped the balsa with a finger nail file and cut a slit in the bottom of it, then widened it with the point of one blade of my scissors to fit the hook shank. Then used a small amount of water to dampen the slot in the balsa, put it in place on the hook and put a small drop of super glue over it. (the moisture will cause the super glue to harden instantly). I then painted the balsa body using 3 coats of each color and when dry to touch, applied the eyes and coated the body with epoxy using a match stick (toothpick would have worked, too). For the tail I used 5 or 6 high float fibers and about the same number of tinsels. Wrapped the shank with the red thread from the body to the curve and back about half way. Placed the high float first and secured it, then put on the tinsel trying to wrap it evenly around the high float (could have been better). I made two wings from the Pheasant tail and wrapped them just behind the body using a figure 8 pattern. They wouldn't stay together, but, a little head cement drawn over the length of each made them just right. Now it was time for the saddle hackle, a few wraps behind the wings and a couple in front and tied them off...applied a dab of cement. Had to give the hackle a little "haircut" to clear the hook and allow the wings to show and it looked pretty good. It worked on the bluegill tonight!!
  4. Some of these bugs are 60 yrs old. Enjoy ye ole bug makers... Kirk This is an overview pic of the bug my friend Ted Cabali lent me from his collection to photograph. Bill Gallasch’s Skipping Bug tied by Bill, named by Joe Brooks. Bill was Joe Brooks personal tier. According to Lefty Kreh, Joe didn’t do much fly tying. Bill originally made these from Cedar but then began making them from balsa; he drilled a hole near the bottom and inserted/glued the hook with bucktail and chenille into the hole. When Orvis was selling them, Bill was tying them for Orvis, so, if you bought any of these from Orvis way back, you have a Skipping Bug tied by the originator. The Pac Man bug tied by local New Orleanean Ronnie Leonard, who is now deceased. Fayard Crippled Minnow. Christy bug tied and sold by and in New Orleans. Pecks poppers, the large one was tied by Accardo’s company after he bought out Pecks. The smaller one was by Pecks. The label says it. More Pecks poppers tied by Pecks. Bottom - Dragon Fly, Center- Cricket, Top – Grasshopper. Peck’s Parker Feather Minnow tied by Pecks. This pattern was given to Peckinpaugh by a cotton broker in New Orleans named Parker.
  5. Some poppers of varying sizes. The pink/red one is intended for Shark or other large predators. It is on a 10/0 4x strong gamakatsu hook!!
  6. I seem to be having two major problems when tying and spinning with deer hair. My first problem is when I spin deer hair the end result when I give my popper a haircut is that it doesn't have that tight compact deer hair look unless I cut the hair the extremely close to the shank of the hook. My second problem is when i go to whip finish my fly, I can't seem to keep the flared deer hair out of my finishing knot. Any help will be appreciated!
  7. My First Wine Cork Popper Fly This is my first popper fly that I have ever tied. I didn't have much material so I scavenged around the house to find a half empty wine bottle. I could not drink it because i'm only 15 so I asked my mom to finish it off. I used a power sander to taper the cork, then a razor blade to cut the cork. I decided to make this because I was sick of buying foam poppers that break within the first day of use, and I wanted to try my first tying kit that I got last week. If you could give me any tips or pointers for my future bass poppers that would be very helpful! Also any other patterns that I should tie for bass would be useful as well.
  8. For those of you that dont make to the "flies from the vise section".. These are predator poppers I am just beginning production/testing on for a local shop. Made with a two part foam and a 90lb through wire. My next batch will be on tubes which should be more practical, I just didnt have any at the moment! Hook is a 7/0 gamakatsu. I should have a video this week of the fly in action. The "Pop" is incredible.
  9. This is what I call a 2 beer fly. Took forever! I have no idea what this thing is going to do. It was mostly me taking two staple patterns I sell and putting them together. I plan on giving it a whirl on the full sink line. This weekend Im going to make some "divers" by reversing the head so Ill be able to try that out.
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