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Fly Tying
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Turkey feather stonefly nymph

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Another nice video - I am seeing you improve in your presentation.  

A couple tying tips.  A nice way, especially on this type pattern that you want to sink quickly, is to wrap about 3-5 turns of lead/lead free wire on the shank then push it up into the hollow of the bead.  With only a few wraps of thread over the lead and a thread ramp behind it this, too, will lock in the bead.  The number of lead wire wraps depends on the size of the bead and diameter of the lead - the goal is for the lead to just extend beyond the hollow in the bead.  Also, when your thread breaks I find it better to leave the broken end in place, then anchor the new thread on both sides of the broken thread to ensure the old wraps stay tight.  Then simply cut both loose ends together (for those who like to save time tying this accomplishes that goal as well!).

Keep working those videos!


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