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  1. I have been busy gardening, fishing. tying for CFR and helping with the local food Pantry. When those things slow down some I will jump back in. Rick
  2. Take care of yourself first. Rick
  3. The Chili Pepper I am familiar with is like a wooly bugger. NIce fly
  4. Flies with artificial pecarry quills. Real ones spit on me. glass beads. antron tail and gills. Left fly opaque quill., right fly transparent with red thread underneath. 2 nd picture is the herd
  5. Scraps from the tying table. Palmer chenille and high float fiber from the FTD. Got some gills and small bass on this this am. Then something big hit the gill on the fly and went deep and wrapped around something. Will have to tie a few more. Rick
  6. Couple more nymphs bead chain eyes. antron for tail and shuck. body dubbing, peacock head, sparse deer hair wing
  7. Another beautiful fly. Beyond me how you do this. Rick
  8. Glad you had some fun. Take it easy on the knee. Rick
  9. Looks like you had way to much fun. 😃 Rick
  10. 5 wts with a 5 ft. furled leader and about 4 feet of 6lb mono. Fish were all caught with fly less than a foot under the surface. Rick
  11. Went to a pond today with the canoe. Black has always been a good color to use. So a black furl tailed mohair leech and a black slumpbuster. Fish liked both of the flies. Came home with 23 gills and for bass that had the gills injured. Caught 2 or 3 bass for every gill I hooked. NO cell phone and forgot the camera. Rick
  12. Google SowBug Round up and think about coming. Lots of talented tyers there. Rick
  13. RickZieger

    Face masks

    Went to Wal-Mart yesterday as we need to get ink for the computer printer. We were in the vast minority wearing masks. I was asked if I knew the CDC said you did not have to wear masks. When I replied that was only for the vaccinated, I was told I did not know what I was talking about. Rick
  14. Hiked into a pond this am. Algae out about 20-25 feet from the shore. Decided to roll cast unweighted flies to get them out to open water. The fish were cooperative. Lots of strikes, but lost the ones that I could not get up to the surface to slide over the algae. Still a lot of fun. Rick
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