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  1. We have had steady 30 mph winds with gusts to 45 mph. Makes my casting much worse so I have not even tried.
  2. Here are flies I received at Sowbug. Also saw a lot of others tied.
  3. On my fifth try today I got on. Aren't computers great?
  4. I have received my order in a very short time. Also cold not send you a message. Rick
  5. I order hooks from wholesaleflycompany.com and some fly tying supplies from the Fly Tyers Dungeon. Rick
  6. Thanks for the fly!IMG_0114.thumb.jpeg.9706830930cc17818ffeccc64fac6f91.jpeg

  7. Sorry to hear this.
  8. But Bryon, I might not make it to the pond. 🤣 Rick
  9. I tie most of my ants from the self liner stuff and tie a parachute hackle around the center. Rick
  10. Don't know the name of this fly Saw it online and then could not find it again. scud hook, gold or yellow biots tail, silver flash for body, 3 wraps yellow ostrich, bead head Also tie this with red ostrich for bluegills. Rick
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