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  1. Beautiful fly. Critique, I can't tie them to put on my wall. Rick
  2. Woven wire with different underbodies. Rick
  3. Couple of weird bass bugs. build up some backing under the spaces of the large beads on the side before attaching beads on each side. Then a woolly bugger. Rick leg is off on the one with legs.
  4. peacock sword tail nymph, size 10 hook, bead head, Peacock sword tail, Ostrich herl body and soft hackle.
  5. more "Hares Ears" from alpaca roving. One on the right colored with a Pantene Pen. Rick
  6. Had some gold angelina fibers. Tied up a couple of brushes and did these hook size 10, bead head. feasther barbs for tail , brush foir body and a feather for win.
  7. Blow torch the first way I saw it. jig hook and bead, red material tail, peacock body and soft hackle.
  8. I have been using Whole Fly Copany hooks like Scott. No problems with them On one of my first orders they sent me sample of many hooks. Compared them to Dai-Riki I had and could not see any difference. Many of them area barbless, which I lik, they come out of me easier. Rick
  9. Dr. Mike hot chartreuse abdomen, soft hackler, peacock thorax. beadhead on a size 10 hook. Also tie this in white and yellow for panfish.
  10. They take flies all year. Most of the retreats are held in the summer. Rick
  11. Weird "Hares Ear" alpaca roving dubbing brush for body, rubber legs and flash over abdomen on a scud hook. Flash attracts as it drops and then on retrieve rubber legs move. Lots of panfish on this.
  12. WE got about 3 inches overnight. Some acorns here, but the insides are very small. Rick
  13. Tied up as couple of more jigs. Turkey body feather barbs for tail, alpaca roving body sand mylar ribbing.
  14. We have about 40-45 retreats across the country that fish for trout/salmon or cold water species, and about 10-12 that fish for warm water species. We welcome whatever flies that the tier wishes to tie and donate. There is no required number of flies to donate - if they wish to donate a dozen, or 14 so that each woman gets one of the flies, that's terrific. If anyone asks for specific pattern suggestions for trout, I recommend the usual fare: pheasant tails, prince nymph, hares ear, zebra midge, copper john, black beauty, mercury midge, RS2’s, wooly buggers, sexy stone/pat's rubber legs, scuds, worms, caddis, parachute adams, royal wulff, etc. For warm water species: poppers, gurglers, crawfish patterns, damsels, minnow or baitfish patterns, frog patterns, jig nymphs, etc. Thank you for sharing with your fly tying groups. Feel free to put them in direct contact with me if that’s easier for you. Flies can be sent directly to me: Jen Lofgren - Casting for Recovery 2543 S. Lincoln St. Unit B Denver, CO. 80210-5757 (303) 808-6399 [email protected]
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