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  1. Welcome back from a relative newcomer - I joined here mid-2020 after coming over from FAOL. You'll see me a lot on the swaps section. I'm a born and bred central NYer and have been tying for 50+ years and hosting swaps for going on 12 years now. I look forward to seeing your posts! Kim
  2. Welcome to the site! You'll find that it is loaded with fine and experienced tyers, fishers, rod builders and just good folk. I'm a born and bred central NYer. I don't know our ranking BUT I do know that within an hour and a half drive from my house I have the Finger Lakes (great fishing as well as MULTIPLE wine trails!), the Catskills, the Salmon, Oswego and Tioughnioga Rivers, Lake Ontario, and MANY fine local streams, ponds and gravel pits just teaming with fish. I've been tying for over 50 years and hosting fly swaps going on 12 years now. I look forward to seeing your posts. Kim
  3. Welcome to the site! You'll find it loaded with many fine and experienced tyers, fishers, rod builders, and just good folk. I'm a born and bred central NYer. I've been tying for over 50 years and hosting fly swaps going on 12 years now. I look forward to seeing your posts as well as your development as a tyer. Kim
  4. A nice reference on old fly patterns is found on the FAOL site (flyanglersonline.com). They had monthly features on "Just Old Flies". There was a 4- or 5-part series about a wrap-up of the end of the century and fly tying in the US - the end of the 19th century, that is, Kim
  5. Sorry for the delay! Went out of town for Thanksgiving and got back late Monday night. Now I want to catch everyone up on the swap. We have a couple sets yet to arrive and all those that have are some VERY NICE TIES! Once I get the last couple sets in, I'll contact all and turn them around to send back to all of you. Thanks for another fine swap! Kim
  6. Break out the spiced wine and mulled cider - a toast to Santa's little helper!! Well done and I am salivating. Kim
  7. I got some nice Irresistible Wulffs in the mail today. Nice job and thanks to Bryon Anderson for some great looking ties! Kim
  8. It's a bit of an old school material. I recently used golden yellow and red for the body of my Cortaca Jug fly for the Sports Swap. Also, I didn't soak the acetate in the acetone - any more than a 2 second soak and the acetate simply would end up coloring the acetone with none left on the hook! Get a set of cheap, small sized paint brushes from a dollar store and simply just run it over the acetate once. It may look too dry after a few seconds but come back in a minute and the acetate will have softened. Also, it limits the exposure to the acetone for those with breathing issues and ALWAYS have good ventilation! Kim
  9. I'm mostly Mustad though I have bought some TMC, Green Caddis, and JStockard house hooks when I had the need, and they were on sale. I recently had to buy a box of Sprite hooks due to the uniqueness of the size hook needed - 1 XL dry fly for a swap. But about 90+% are Mustad's. I guess I'm old school! Kim
  10. I usually find it near the jackalope dubbing in most fly stores.😉 Kim
  11. Not to pick but the last post on this thread was eight years ago. Just an FYI, not a complaint! I'd NEVER want to stifle anyone that could give advise that I could use! Kim
  12. Sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera! Had a great Cannon about 15 years ago but I went on a trip and on the way home some baggage handler must have needed a last-minute gift for their spouse! But I do hope to see this work. Kim
  13. Got some more fine ties in the mail today. Thank you Squeezy and Stellahound for some fine ties! Kim
  14. Got mine in the mail. A very nice swap! Kim
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