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  1. I'll PM everyone with the final registration numbers on Aug. 1st IF we don't fill all the spots. Kim Also, for those who have tied and sent 12 flies, I will either 1) send your extras back or 2) keep them in my donation box. Whenever there is a request for a donation for Casting for the Cure or other not-for-profit fly fishing groups I will donate your flies with AT LEAST one of my own for that request. All you need to do is let me know IF YOU WANT YOUR EXTRAS BACK. Otherwise they'll be donated.
  2. Thanks for the promo! I'd love to fill this swap! Already got 2 dozens (with one more with the PO's ponies) and ALL look great! Kim
  3. My pony must have been a little slower! Got some nice caddis ties in the mail. Very good work all and thanks again Bob for hosting a great swap! Kim
  4. I'd fish it! Is this the preview of your addition to the Karate Kid Swap?? Kim
  5. danthebugman is in via PM - 3 more to go to fill the swap! Kim
  6. Got some fine Daddy Long Legs dries in the mail from Woodenlegs. Some more nice ties! And there's STILL OPENINGS in this swap! Kim
  7. Wonder if it'll work for bluegill?! Nice tie! Kim
  8. Just figured it would help them get down in the water column!
  9. As you've seen on my swaps I like to point out and welcome newer tyers to the swap. I'm currently a member of 2 other sites - one that was once THE site (FAOL) and is now dying as a site, and another (Fly Fishing Forum) where swaps had become few and far between because of swappers AND hosts disapearing from the face of the Earth during the swap. I come from a skill teaching background and try to 1) tie a couple patterns not one and give some fly tying material gifts when I host - after 50 years of tying I have enough material to last until I'm 150 years old and 2) a fact sheet with a short history of the patterns I tied along with it's recipes and tying directions. I am doing all of this to encourage "the new generation" of tyers and swappers. This also gives a little more value to the swappers. Also, when someone tells me taht they are new to tying I will - help them find a good pattern to tie (if needed/requested), will PM the newer tyer with a list of hints/tips/tricks/traps in tying their pattern choice, and provide a PM feedback after their flies are received. This feedback includes what they did well and where AND HOW they can improve. I did this on the Beginner Swap series a few months ago on this site. This on-line classroom also helps give the swap a little value as well. If this works as planned - good, if not - well I won't have the preasure of living for the next 90 years to use up my material! I would STRONGLY suggest that hosts, if applicable, openly offer/promote their fly swap as open to new tyers - highlight this fact on the swap and openly offer assistance to anyone who is interested. I also offer support to those new to swaps - swaps can be a little intimidating to some, thinking that they do not tie well enough - even for a more experienced tyer. This is what I've learned from 10+ years of participating and hosting swaps and I hope this helps.
  10. Since it's your last swap one question - should I get these flies bronzed? Just asking my friend!😉 Kim
  11. I'll miss your swaps Bob! I love to do these swaps for the enjoyment and to keep me doing something other than getting in trouble. I know that if it becomes more of a chore than an enjoyment I'll probably follow your lead as well. Well, at least if that happens, you'll all know because my face will be on the wall of your local Post Office!!😉 You are always still welcome in any of my swaps anytime (I love to see your ties!). Take care Bob and tight lines. Kim
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