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  1. Well put Nick! So far I have found only 1 serious problem in all the fly swaps I have participated in so far. AS a host I do appreciate when 1) the flies come in on time and 2) that the swappers name (AT LAEST their screen name) is on the flies, fly box and envelopes. As hosts we use that name to cross reference all the materials and makes it much easier to make sure we are 100% accurate when we send your flies back to you. I do appreciate the swaps run on this site - nice variety and quite a few fine Swapmeisters. I will be happy to do anything to encourage this to continue. I've seen other sites that run few swaps and one reason seems to be so many problems with past swaps - both swappers and, unfortunately, some hosts dropping off the face of the earth. I hope we don't ever see that on this site. Kim
  2. When I was MUCH younger i was a survival camper. As part of my survival fishing training we were taught to catch the fist fish and use the fins and particullarly the eyes for bait to catch the next. i found this to be well suited, especially when catching perch. So I wonder about predators and eyes. Kim
  3. Just asking a question. Unfortunately my camera cannot focus close enough to be useful. Here are some pictures (copied from the Fly Anglers On-line site, "Lakes and Stillwaters" feature). The first shows a Blond Stayner, and here's what the author named as the Stayner Ducktail. They are both Stayner's, just color variations of the same pattern. The Blond variation uses a variegated (or mixed) yellow/dark olive chenille with a wood duck dyed mallard feather wing and the original used only dark olive chenille with an undyed mallard feather wing (per this article). Also, there can be many other color variations just by modifying the color/color mix of the chenille and wing. I do know that color variation can be apparent due to the camera and the lighting used when the picture is taken. That was why I asked, that's all. To see the original article with the pictures - Fly Anglers OnLine, Your Complete Internet Flyfishing Resource. and just put "Stayner" in the search field. Kim
  4. As always, very nice ties. They'll be a fine addition to the swap. Thanks! Kim
  5. BOY, you are lucky I'm color blind! But I do see a little tinsel! Kim Sure, and get me in Dutch with the Global site as well!
  6. I kept the fish and ditched the wife! Kim
  7. 👍👍 Swaps looking good already! Kim
  8. ANY head cement material can be used as a freebee - even if your aim is off! This is a FUN swap not a strict RULES swap! I want people to use their imagination and have some FUN! Kim BTW, when I used to teach instructors how to teach I taught - "TELL your students what you are going to tell them, TELL them, then TELL them you told them! So this is a FUN swap.
  9. Just say it was tied Catskill style. Kim
  10. Be aware that woodchuck (groundhog) skin can be very greasy, more like chicken than mammal. Looks like some fine tying material all you have to do now is turn it into fish! Kim
  11. These are "free' materials and DO NOT count a one of your materials used to tie. Feel free to include them in your pattern. I know that for you this makes this swap TOO easy! Kim
  12. Norm you are in my friend and the registration is now closed! Kim
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