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  1. Sorry!!! Tail: Marc Petitjean nº7 CDC fibers Bad idea COPY PASTE
  2. Hello!! I post a BWO female spent, additional fotos are more or less a step by step. Thanks Bye
  3. Hello Coinman66! I use this fly when i need a fast sinking looking for carps in deep shores, i hope you tie some Thanks!!
  4. Hello Letumgo,as allways, it´s a pleasure! I´ll post more micronymphs but this week i´ve morning shift. Thanks thanks thanks!!! BYE BYE
  5. Hi Coolstreams and thanks!!! These micronymphs are easy,fast tying and effective. Happy fishing!!!! See you soon!!!
  6. OK!!! IT´S DONE I love U.S.A, the sellers ALWAYS are serious and their replies too fast. :bugeyes:
  7. Thanks Perchjerker! I know steps 1 and 2 but in my case this is my problem "... I would next get on the internet and see who in Spain handles rod building components; and then broaden your search as needed..." I need for example..."look for Pacific Bay or Fuji" or "i know an excellent tip guides called XXX" I don´t know who made the guides for Sage, i have 2 tip guides but they are a shit, i need a big hard loop tip guide. Thanks again!!!
  8. Hello and happy fishing year!!! I have a problem, i need a TIP RING for a SAGE Xi2 1090-4 and i don´t know a good one. In your opinion, what is the best ring for this rod and where can i buy it??? Thanks for all
  9. It looks easy, i´m looking for a sustitute for a white woolly bugger. I´ll try with this pattern. Good job Bye
  10. Hello!!!! I tie exactly the same fly for sunset. I use it in June and August and it saved me a lot poor days. A little fly for big browns Bye!!!
  11. Great fly!!! Please, show us your secrets :devil: and post a Step by Step!! Bye
  12. Good looking caddis!! Again :bugeyes:
  13. I don´t know if he want that, but in the additional photos, there is a profile (right) of the fly http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern10877.html I hope help!! Bye
  14. Hello NJ All Day, thanks for all. About your question, i don´t know the meaning of " side shot " ? My english is my english...... Bye
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by avelino: Goldfish (Carassius carassius)
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