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  1. This fly can be use in the in the Mad Max movies, bears a resemblance to those times, nice graft! Please show us the photos of fish caught! what fish was, largemouth or smallmouth bass?
  2. Thank you Fred! Rossman Mantis shrimp are fast when move out of habitat, you can strip slow short strips or long strips a bit fast, depending on the area. Yes I tested and work very fine, this was on last saturday but it was with a dark one. Thanks Guys!!!
  3. Hello Steve, this is in size #6 and #4 mustad S71S SS or gamakatsu SL45 bonefish hook.
  4. Thanks Robert, but this is craft fur and EP fibers under the body.
  5. Hello people, here is a my mantis shrimp. I hope like it!
  6. Hello people here is my new Bay Anchovy!
  7. Hello woollybugger, a trip to Panama is great, lisent Peacock Bass eat everything, I mean everything! but the best flies for them are clouser minnow, deceivers, diver, poppers and wool head patterns.The Peacock Bass of Panama is the same of here (Puerto Rico) is the "Cichla ocellaris" and can grow up to 12 pound, not like his his cousin the "Cichla temensis" that gow up to 30 pound and live in the Amazon river.This photo was yesterday in a river near to my house, I love Peacock Bass on fly, there are wild! this is a small one but you can caught dozens of them in one day. The Cichla ocellaris have 4 to 5 or even 6 black bars, the temensis have only 3 well pronounced black bars, here an example.
  8. Greetings, here I leave a crab feasting with an bay anchovy, LOL!
  9. Flytyer14 this Largemouth Bass was caught in Puerto Rico in a central lake of the island.
  10. Hello people this is my one and only rare pic. of my yellow Largemouth Bass!
  11. Ohh! ok JJD, this is a great fly, I tie it but with craft fur and is super for Peacock Bass and for Tarpon and Snook also.Another great fly for Peacock Bass is the Diver in firetiger color, like the picture below.
  12. Thanks Guys, those fish are amazing, imagine 50, 60 or even 100 + fish in a day (with a partner) it's insane, Peacock Bass are wild I love this fish!
  13. Thanks, look at the hump of these male Peacock Bass, are beauitiful!
  14. dronlee your shrimp is very, very beautiful and unique, excellent work I tie some thing similar but with lead eye.Thanks for sharing dronlee!
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