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  1. Thank you ever so much Jens! It's very similar to the cascade, thats why i thought it would be a killer! Thanks again! Stu
  2. Recently on a trip to my local tying shop, i had a quick glance at flyfishing and flytying mag. it featured a nice irish pattern called the grilse fly. I planned to pick up a copy at the till on the way out but my shop got cut short when i bumped into a friend. My question is, has anyone bought this copy? if so, would you be so kind as to reveal the recipe as it looks very effective thanks very much stu
  3. I've been taught to mutter "god save the queen" before lifting into the fish. that being said, i think it is largely in the lap of the gods
  4. very nice, have fun fishing in scotland! I wish i could go fishing next week Stu
  5. Lovely collection of colours there and very nicely executed! Stu
  6. Nice ties, love the red one especially.
  7. Thanks John, I'm guessing they're american and therfore only make singles? I'll take a look anyway, thanks!
  8. I forogt to mention, i love those Salar hooks, the seem to hold really well and are pretty too! Edit:Wait thats not a salar hook? hmmm i may have to inverstigate.
  9. Nice tie! I love the cascade, even more than the origional Ally's. Damn productive fly this one.
  10. The waddingtons with the stingers are nothing short of amazing!
  11. I have fished and had success with tubes, i tie a variation af the allys shrimp for a friend who fishes with my tubes almost exclusively. i love the scandanavian style and hope to give them a whirl later this year. A very popular fly in scotland (christened in a river near to me) is tied exclusively on tubes and is well worth a look for, its called the pot bellied pig! stu
  12. Very clean tie! If you tied in some black squirel, i think you'd have a beautiful hair wing too, nice spin on the "origional", stu
  13. As many people know, fishing with booby nymphs often results in deep hook holds, more often than not, in the gills. I was sitting in lectures yesterday thinking of ways to overcome this problem and thought, why not tie in a weed guard? Simply tie a piece of mono down around the bend of the hook and tie behind the eye? Just a suggestion, as i'm away at uni i cant try this for another few weeks but I'll keep it in mind. Stu
  14. Hmmm... out-with the forum, Ken Sawada.
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