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  1. Thanks, I made it that way so I could do several processes at once . I glue sections of 6mm foam together with 3M Super77 adhesive the thickness of the bugs I want to make. Then I cut them out with the plug cutter and a cordless drill. I made a centering tool out of two bottle caps and a straight section of metal coat rack (sharpened on one end). I glue a single foam disc on the tool, this allows you to insert it into the plug cutter and make a hole through the center of the plug. When you pop it out it's ready for the Dremel and the hole is centered every time.
  2. Here is what I made to cut out the discs. It's made from 1/2" thin wall electrical conduit and a Black and Decker sanding drum 5/8". I cut a window in the side to of the conduit so I can insert a thin screwdriver and slide out the discs. I sharpen one end with a Dremel and insert the 1/2" rubber sanding drun into the other end and tighten the nut.
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys , no I very seldom use weed gaurds on my topwater . The reason being I fish for smallies in rivers that have little to get hung up on when fishing the surface.
  4. These are all made using the foam disc method.
  5. I hear you brother, where I've been down with the hand I haven't done much I over did it and reinjured a old sports injury (yes my knee). It will get better but man it hurts right now. If getting the canoe here is the problem and you want to do a float up here brother I've got a Kaynoe ready for you all you have to do is show up (it has a bass seat mounted in it). There will be three or four of us so we can pack the boat so you won't have to hurt the knee. But now I'm not packing you anywhere (there's a limit to anything) :crutch: :hyst:. But if sitting in a canoe hurts it we can do a wade ,Just let me know. If I can get a chance I'll get on the lake with you this year, yet I'm covered up with the Rodeo, 5 different trips overnight planned and hopefully a trip south to a Rodeo in the late fall. Life is Good
  6. Thanks it feels good to be tying again "Finally". I actually caught a 20" smallie on this type fly in chartruese last year, plus several more. So you better hurry and get up this way, because I'm going for those smallies full throttle this year. :yahoo:
  7. :bugeyes: Yeah send me a pm cspears0006 and we'll talk.
  8. I'm not showing off brother I just wanted you guys to know while you were deciding what to do I would keep the smallies busy. :yahoo: PM sent
  9. Brother you can have the Levisa, I am more interested on the Elkhorn Creek in Frankfort, the Licking, and the Russel Fork in Elkhorn City Let me rephrase you can have from Pikeville down to Louisa I will take from Pikeville to Elkhorn City...bahaha While you guys are dividing up what I already own , I'll just float on by throwing smallie candy and laughing all the way. :bugeyes: :yahoo: I conquered every flow in Eastern Ky with my flyrod years ago. :devil:
  10. Smallies, Smallies , Smallies , Smallies. Oh did I mention "SMALLIES" :yahoo:
  11. Very nice tie, that will bring the smallies to the surface.
  12. You tryin to scare somebody with that picture Hillbilly Boy. :bugeyes: :hyst:
  13. There you go, Well said. :thumbup:
  14. I had the same isue until I started using a small loop of 30lb mono to tie in a small barrel swivel to the ene of the fly line then attach your leader. This cured the twist problem and makes it easy to cast because of where the swivel is attatched.
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