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  1. Wow. By all means, keep rolling. I really don't care much for long tags. Until now. Again.........wow.
  2. I've always used super glue remover. You can find it at target, WalMart, Walgreens...etc. Apply it around the base of the stuck cap while holding the glue bottle upside down. Let it sit for a moment then try to unscrew the cap. It may take a couple of applications, but has alsways worked well for me. Also, an occasional cleaning of the bottle and cap threads with super glue remover and a Q-tip will help prevent the cap being stuck. Good luck! --Pfisherman
  3. Graham, Between your turtle and this hex, it's the most amazing realistic tying I've seen. Don't suppose you would be interested in posting a tutorial on making those incredible wings, would you? I'm new to the realistic fly world and would really like to get the wings down. So far they elude me (OK, they suck)....... By the way, your "mating" hexes were awesome and hysterical. You had me going right up till the end. Nicely done. --Pfisherman
  4. I encountered these nasty buggers during all three of my tours in the sandbox (1984, 1991,2002). I learned the hard way to check my boots before putting them on in the morning (that thing scared the hell out of me!). I discovered it is a good idea to put your boots in a bag at night. My second encounter was when I woke up in the morning to find my lower thigh covered in blood. One of these suckers had chewed on me while I slept. They have a numbing agent in their saliva so you don't know they are eating away while you sleep. Luckily, I rolled over on it and crushed it before it could do too much damage. The only real danger with these puppies is from an infected bite since they don't have any venom. The big ones sure are scary though.......thank goodness they only get to 6-8 inches. :bugeyes: Here's a good site for more info: http://www.camelspiders.net/
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