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  1. I use a DDH Leech. Great all around smallmouth pattern, tied in brown. Check in the fly pattern base and you will see it.
  2. The material is a blended rabbit dubbing called DarkWater Dubbing. One great material. These blend are done with colors to make different colors. The brown color dubbing does not contain any brown at all. Cool stuff. There is also a holographic material added in as well.
  3. Another fish that was caught on the DDH. Caught by Phil Rowley of stillwater fame.
  4. Another one that fell victim to the DDH. Caught by Kim Russell
  5. I have tried numerous different styles of hooks but the best I have used is a Talon TA-SA163C. These hooks are supplied by Superfly Inc. a Canadian wholesaler of fly tying materials. These hooks are a salmon fly hook with a straight eye and are a heavy wire. One of the best hooks I've ever used. For futher info on the hooks you can look at Superfly's web site.
  6. Another couple of variations on the DDH.
  7. For me it's the Weedman's Slider. A good all round pattern for Pike, Musky, and Bass.
  8. Went on a cruise with the better half and managed to get into the Bass Pro Shop in Fort Lauderdale and the two guys working in the fly shop walked away with 2/3 of my DDH Leeches. Bonefish and Snook. Wish I could have been with them. Enjoy. Pounded Smallmouth with this fly.
  9. You would not believe the number of species I have caught on this fly. Walleye, Bass, Channel Cats, Carp, Pike, trout, and just about everything else. Sent some out west and the guys out there pounded Steelhead and Salmon on them too. I have tried numerous color combinations and they have all taken fish but once again some colors are better. Brown by far is the best producing.
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flyfisher anonymous: DDH Leech
  11. Looking at the lists of different species of fish caught I am amazed. Now here is the kicker. What fly have you used to catch most of your fish. For myself two of my best producing flies are 1) The Easter Eeg Bugger and 2) The DDH Leech. Of the 28 game fish species listed in the province Bugger has caught 26 and the DDh leech has caught 25. What are your fav's.
  12. Doing this stuff for nearly 40 years and still enjoying it. Man that's a bum's rush. I tie my own and have never bought a fly although I have had a lot of fishermen give me flies. Would I buy them? Only if I was stuck with no material and I have never been stuck with no material. I do understand that there are some people out there who don't know or don't want to tie but still want to go fishing. More power to you. For myself I will always tie.
  13. I know what most of the Manitobans have caught but what about you other guys that live to fly fish. To let you know what we go after: Pike, Walleye, Sauger, Yellow Perch, Smallmouth and White Bass, Channel Cats, Carp, Goldeye, Mooneye, Lake Whitefish, Ciscoes, Freshwater Drum, Bullheads, and believe it or not Burbot. I may have forgot 1 or 2 but enough of me rambling. What about you.
  14. Hi guys: my buddy MbCarp told me about this site so I decided to join. This is going to be a gas. If anyone has any questions on warm water fishing don't hesitate to ask. Be more than happy to answer them. Just wanted to say HI.
  15. First post on this site. The fish MbCarp has shown you are average size. Yep. Average. The Cats are always on the prowl and the Carp are not far behind. I still have not got him to try the Walleye, Drum, White Bass, Bullheads and so on that live in the Red River but I will get him to try it soon. A little tidbit for you folks. Fly Fish T.V. was up here doing some filming and the shows will air this winter. Keep your eyes open for when they are on and you will be amazed at what was caught. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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