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  1. The Solarez World Tour Contest has been underway since October with winners chosen each month. The contest is ending this month with a Grand Prize winner. The contest is running on the Solarez NA Fly Tying Facebook page. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SolarezFlyTyingNA/ Join the page and vote for your favorite flies by "Liking" that particular fly. Once you like at least 1 entry, you are automatically entered in a random drawing for a Solarez World Tour T-shirt. Contest Sponsors include: Dr. Slick, FlyTyer Magazine, Ewing Hackle Farms, Southern Trout Magazine, Southern Salt Water Fly Fishing Magazine, and many more. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/groups/SolarezFlyTyingNA/
  2. Very nice as usual, Sergio! It will fish well for sure.
  3. Hi. It's about 2 years after this post and someone just brought it to my attention. For me, tying at the shows and chatting with fellow fisherman is what this post was about. Sharing of knowledge and helping others to learn makes it worth while. I'm glad I was able to in some way, peak someone's interest. I'll be back at the shows in the Northeast starting this fall. Stop by and show me what you've been up to for the last few years :>) Best, Bruce Corwin http://www.brucecorwin.com
  4. Nice job, Sergio. I saw it on Facebook earlier in the day. Best regards Bruce
  5. Hi John. It's been a while. Very nice fly as usual. Hope all is well with you and yours. Bruce
  6. As usual, an amazing fly. You set the bar very high for the rest of us. Happy Holidays!
  7. I'm reposting this damsel fly since it didn't show up here when uploaded to the pattern database. It's a fun fly to tie and I've had terrific success with it when displayed at the eastern shows. I used Bug Bond or Clear Cure Goo (whatever is handy on the bench) to pre-set the wing assembly. I figured if it was OK for Carrie Stevens to pre-assemble wing/cheeks, I'm in good company. It's a bit difficult to cast with the wooden base so better pull out your 12 weights . The wing assembly photo obviously uses lace hen hackles and not blue jay but it's just an example of the process. Happy Holidays to all and a healthy, prosperous, and safe 2013.
  8. Sorry for the late reply. This pattern was tied for a fly frame that was presented to David Footer on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Don Bastian organized 30 tiers to all tie David's creation: The Footer Special. The idea was not to deviate from the pattern. So that's why no JC on this one. Good idea though for the freestyle fly.
  9. Thanks Justin. So many streamer patterns are really vivid and colorful. They're fun to tie and with any luck... sometimes look really cool. BruceC
  10. BruceC

    Moth ID

    Thanks, Fred. Well you have the photos now... I see a new realistic in the making :>). Regards Bruce C
  11. BruceC

    Moth ID

    Hi, I just found this lovely creature sitting on the siding of my front door. The location is Spring Valley, NY. I've never seen anything like this around here before. Thanks, Bruce
  12. WOW, JoaquÍn. Even though I saw this fly posted elsewhere, I felt compelled to comment in this forum as well. This is what fly tying is all about. The mandibles are magnificent, especially at this size. This is a true demonstration of realistic fly tying at it's best. Cheers, Bruce C
  13. Hey Pete. I've had one for about a year now after going through Dyna King, Renzetti, HMH, etc., there's absolutely nothing like it. It's not about snob appeal, etc. It's just a wonderful tool and does it's job perfectly. Nothing more, nothing less. I tie at shows and demos in the north east and would not want to be without it. To the best of my knowledge, they are not currently being offered for sale by Lawrie. There are a few knockoffs surfacing that seem to be getting decent feedback but the Law Vise itself seems to be done. Bruce C
  14. And to you and yours, Andrés. Let's hope 2011 is a great year for all of us!
  15. Hey Nick. Welcome. This forum is a great place to start. You will pick up lots of tips and techniques. Realistic tying applies mostly the same skills that you would use to tie any fly, plus a large dose of ingenuity. As a relatively new tier, make sure to start with something that won't discourage you. We all have to start somewhere. Keep tying traditional flies to hone your skills. The usual things like thread control, proportions, etc., are all important. There are terrific tutorials available from members of this forum on their respective websites. Andrés Toucada, Fred Hanne, etc. A great book that I often refer to is Paul Whillock's, Flies As Art. In this book, you can see a particular fly both as a super realistic, and a fishable realistic. I think fishable realistics are a good place to start. They often have fewer steps, and are more impressionistic than anatomically correct show flies. Check out Paul Whillocks fishable, realistic beetle. That's a good pattern to start with. Not too many materials but a great looking fly. Good luck and stick with it, Bruce C
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