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  1. That's was a great trailer, and I plan on picking up the movie.
  2. Jeez. It's seems like they always have to pick on something. Here kitty kat :gun_bandana: :smoke:
  3. This is my first uploaded video of me tying the Pea-uni. http://www.hatches.tv/play.php?vid=369 Feel free to leave feedback. TY, Knix
  4. Welcome. Yes, this is a great place to hang and gather info.
  5. Your problem is Microsoft in general. Use Linux. Problem solved.
  6. Knix


    Thanks for all the replies. This is my first pattern I uploaded to here. I plan on making a short video on how to tie this for the beginners. Should be soon...
  7. lol. I also ordered that $25 box. You can't beat that price anywhere, especially what you get for it. Fly Tyers Dungeon for the win......
  8. Knix


    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by knix: pea-uni
  9. Wow, you couldn't ask for more from a camera. :headbang: I appreciate the reply.
  10. Wow, that is one touch camera. So, will it take good macro close up pics of my flies? Thank you very much for the post. Rob
  11. I am looking into getting a new camera so I can take some great pics of my finished flies, and of fly fishing. I am leaning toward a Nikon Coolpix, or a canon. I only want to spend the most $300. Any thoughts? TY
  12. Took a week vacation to Rehoboth Beach De, and had some luck on the clousers I tie. I fished at the Indian River Inlet almost everyday, but had to bailout due to high winds. Here are a few pics of the success.
  13. Just stumbled up this kick @$$ site. http://kwsu.org/Offers/FlyTying.aspx Has anyone seen this before?
  14. Hey bub, This is the link that I get when I click the FTOTY http://flytyingforum.com/contest Let me know if that works. I am new to the contest so I am curious too. I think that you have to upload the materials, and then mail your fly's to Will in the appropriate category.
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