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  1. On the flies in the picture, I'm using Wapsi poly yarn on a size 14 and 16.
  2. I have trouble splitting the Poly Yarn evenly without thread. I tend to catch a few strands and lock them forward or wrap them around the hook with the thread.
  3. I'm trying something new for me. I tied poly yarn to the top of my fly and moved the wings apart with my dubbing needle and fingers. After that I put some UV resin and the base and finished tying the fly as normal. The Wings weren't as wide as if i had tied them split, but I think they are close enough, should look very visible on the water, and be sturdy against a few takes. Opinions?
  4. You can find trail cameras cheaper on then $70 on ebay. I didn't look long but saw one for $30.
  5. Cool picture. Interesting fact most human snake bites are on the hand when people try to pick them up. For an interesting snake bite video go to youtube and look up Jimmy Kimmel snake bite.
  6. I have a 3mm neoprene guide series from Gander Mountain, but it usually use then in the very beginning, very end of the season, and for waterfowling. Most of the season I just wet wade with a set of $9 water shoes.
  7. I worked a second summer job as an EMT @ a large baseball camp. I don't like baseball and needed something to kill the time. My father in law had recently given me a fly rod and taught me how to swing worms with it. I decided since I had it I might as well learn to tie flies.
  8. Usually the right answer is to use less material. A lot of the time you will be surprised how a little material can go a long way in fly tying.
  9. Check your library system for fly tying books. If you can find it the Orvis fly tying guide is a good one because the fly glossary rate the tying difficulty on a 1-5 scale. Pick a few of the 1 and 2 difficulty flies you like the looks of. Buy the materials for those. I tie with a clamp on table vise made in India. It is one of the cheapest vises around. I like it and haven't up graded, but you can always get a more expensive one later if you want one. Pick your patterns before you buy your materials. You will save money if you only buy what you need to get started. After you really get into it and need to get more materials, you can go broke $3-40 dollars at a time like the rest of us.
  10. Bob's Bluegill Fly Hook: 12-14 Streamer Thread: Orange Tail: Gray or Red Squirrel Tail (I prefer red.) Body: Orange Floss Wing: Gray or Red Squirrel Tail (I prefer red.), Tied wet fly style Head: Thread Weight: Lead or Non-lead wrap
  11. Worstcaster

    Cooperstown, NY

    I don't know how far you are willing to drive. The Susquahanna is great for bass. If you go south to Delaware county you have access to both branches of the delaware. At the Delaware/Sullivan border you have the Beaverkill and the Willowemoc.
  12. Nothing to say that is really going to help. Time usually puts these things in perspective. Just keep moving forward until the pain numbs a little. Bit by bit your happiness and confidence will return. Just don't do anything stupid in the meantime. Sorry if that wasn't very helpful. Maybe just try to find a pretty place and think without actually doing anything.
  13. Sushi is usually taken from the middle. The head is usually for soup.
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