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  1. Fish it!!! Fish it!!! Even if you put it up after a few fish, FISH IT!!!! You won't regret it...
  2. Wanted to put in a plug for a couple of events coming up... First, some of you may be familiar with Terry Tanner, a super fly tier and super nice guy. We are having a benefit Tie-A-Thon for him in Branson, MO on May 22nd. Details can be found BY CLICKING HERE... Also, wanted to start pumping you up about the Southern Council FFF Conclave Sep 30 - Oct 2 in Mountain Home, AR. For a promotional video CLICK HERE... or go to the Southern Council Conclave website HERE... The Conclave includes a video contest, X-Stream X-po Games, and A Night at the White River Theater. Should be a great time!!!
  3. I've seen several guys using those Stanley rolling tool boxes - mobile work stations. Click here... They seem to work good for them...
  4. I think you left a couple of things out of your list... f-stop and shutter speed. Are you using a dSLR or standard digital? Also, is this for instruction or is it for a portrait shot? Line color is probably second to the background color and texture. If you have a multi-colored and mixed background, it's going to be tougher to get that shot than if you have a plain background. Long story short, it's going to be difficult to get the capture you are after without taking a lot of things into consideration...
  5. RIO all the way bay-bee!!!! :headbang: Of course it helps that I'm a RIO guide...
  6. CALL FOR PAPERS!!! If you have ever wanted to present at the Conclave, now is your chance! We are looking for some new and exciting presentations and classes to offer at the 2010 Southern Council Conclave. We not only want to educate the seasoned fly fisherman, but offer educational avenues for beginners and non-fly fishing attendees as well. Unique fishing techniques Fly tying Casting Entomology or other aquatic studies Target species and fishing destinations Special interest related to fly fishing Photography Art Cooking Woodwork Other All ideas will be considered, so use your imagination! If you have a special presentation you would like to share with fellow anglers, please submit the following information: Your name Your location Your FFF club Contact information – Phone, email, address. Name of the presentation Brief description Brief outline Length of presentation Equipment needed Supplies needed – supplied by us or by the attendee (specify) Class limitations Costs associated with any supplies If your class/presentation is not included in the 2010 Conclave, it will be saved for consideration for future conclaves. Please send the above information to [email protected] by March 1, 2010. FLY TIERS - If you would like to travel to Mountain Home, AR for the conclave and tie (There are usually 50 tiers on the floor at any given time - four sessions) please contact Dennis "Bear" Reed at [email protected] or email me and I will forward it to Bear. He would like to have a couple of flies sent to him for review, but that will come later. We would love to have you all at our Conclave next year!!!! C'MON DOWN!!!!!
  7. I foresee my fly box having a few of those in it in the near future... nice tie!!!
  8. I agree that kits are not the way to go even though I started out with one. I also agree that you sould get acquainted with your local fly shop and buy from them. Online dealers are fine for some things, but your local shop can allow you to put your hands on things and if you build up a good relationship with them, you will be better satisfied with your purchases. Of course there are bad apples in every situation, but if your local shop has a good reputation, go with them... As for what tools, it depends on what you're tying... I rarely use a bodkin, but most people think you have to have one... One piece of advise... Go ahead and spend a bit of money on your scissors... Good ones are well worth the money...
  9. Very kewl... me like-ee!!! Did you use plans or did you come up with this in your head? I'd like to build something similar...
  10. If you've been here or planning on coming to the White River system, get some good information from this site... Click here
  11. If you were not expecting this to happen, how about "Boo-boo?" For a boy - Rod or Bo Girl - Brooke
  12. Yeah... let me know when THAT happens... I use the dental floss threaders as learned on this forum a few years ago...
  13. DUDE!! Why didn't you tell me you were going to be in Mt Home? :wallbash: God bless you for having to spend the day with Steve (don't call him Wombat) Dally... Great guy! But that Tazzy-Hillbilly accent will give you fits sometimes... April is a hoot... She's going to be one of our headliners for the Southern Council Conclave 2010.
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