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  1. Not sure if this helps....but just last week I furled up 2 leaders and connected them....making it a total of about 10 feet long. The longest my board is set up to make is about 7 feet. So I made one standard 5 footer, then the second one I just did about double the wraps, so the overall leader would be larger than the first one. Then, instead of doing any Shorb loops on the ends that needed to be connected, I just did a loop to loop connection and it makes a pretty nice transition. I have only hand casted it in the house, but it seems to work great. Good luck!
  2. About 20 years ago on the shore of Lake Ontario my friend and I were surprised to see someone doing this....so we nicknamed him "Step Stool Man." He probably caught more fish then we ever did.
  3. Welcome from Greeece NY! I haven't fished Oatka since last summer. A friend showed me a nice little spot and we managed to pull a few out on a hot day! Check my links in the my signature for Rochester's largest fly tying party! Next one is February 2014.
  4. oatka

    Hank ties a fly

    I learnded more about flies tying in that there videeo than i ever done did in 15 years with any utter source of information. HANK FOR PRESIDENT!!!
  5. Welcome from Monroe County, Rochester NY! Good fishing in New York!
  6. Bluegill rule! If it wasn't for their willingness to bite anything, I'd likely still be spin fishing ponds, with little success! Like Chase Creek, trout waters are too far for me (even 1/2 hour drive is too far) so ponds get most of my attention.
  7. Hopefully this year you won't have a suprise trip to China! See you in a few weeks!
  8. Join us for a night of fly tying, pizza and prizes! Bring your vise and your appetite. Rochester's largest fly tying party is just a few weeks away. Click the link below for details, including the NEW LOCATION! http://eepurl.com/tF4Gf
  9. I never leave the house to go fishing without my tweed coat on. Period! If it's not on, I'm not fly fishing!!!
  10. This is the only fly I remember my grandfather ever using. I have one of his flies, and I'll never risk losing it in a tree, so it sits on my tying desk.
  11. Sounds like the owner of a place here that closed up a few years back. Good luck!
  12. oatka

    Thank You!!!

    Thank you! Without FTF I never would have met and fished with some great people. Also, I never would have created Guys, Flies & Pies without realizing through FTF that people get together to tie dead animal parts to hooks!
  13. I've used the "tack free" version from one well known company, even put in brand new batteries, and it's still tacky. I was very hopeful the "tack free" would cure....well....tack free. I love the product other than that. You can't beat the 6 second cure time, but that kinda goes out the window when I have to add a top coat of Sally's, or rub it with alcohol....both of which have found the hole in the "tack free" coat and then destroys the paint underneath. Still trying to figure out what to do. I have yet to set them in the sun for a final finish.....that's up next.
  14. After a few hours driving my wife around and waiting for her, I got out for 20 minutes to fish with my kids. I caught 2 largemouth and 1 smallmouth. Not too bad for a few minutes of fishing. My son had fun bringing in the smallmouth.
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