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  1. Thanks you guys. With a stop and go retrieve, it really pulses in the water.
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by navigator36: Marabou Magnum
  3. My setup: -The table is a small drafting table with side attachments for holding scissors, bobbin holders, etc. It also has a roll out bottom drawer for holding boxes of different hook sizes. -The threads sit on a small rotating food tray for easy access to thread types. -The black thing glued to the center of the thread tray is an automotive sanding sponge. When the needles you use get hardened varnish on them, you punch them into the sanding sponge and it cleans them right off. ( you can also stick your flies on it) -I keep my bigger materials in some Tupperware drawers to the right. -I use a solid foam lid from a styrofoam cooler to stick the bulk of my flies on. -The silver dish is an automotive magnetic dish. Any odd hooks lying around hold fast inside the dish so they don't end up everywhere. -Yeah, three inexpensive but good vises. Some of the flies I tie are varnished all over and I don't want to touch them and risk messing them up. This way I can let one dry for awhile and use the next vise. That's how I'm keeping it for now.
  4. Just click on 'Crystal Scud' at the top of the page by the big picture of it for the recipe.
  5. This fly uses a lot of thread and cement. I use 2 coats of toluene/goop, or hard as nails. 1. Tie in tan soft hackle tail and another amount at the eye to later become legs. Cement. 2. Tie in Stretch magic cord, wrapping to the back. 3. Wrap forwards two thirds the way up so cord is tightly covered and will later represent the scud's internal system. 4. Pinch cord from back and bring forward, tying at the front two thirds of the hook. This locks the cord in place. 5. While pinching rear curve of cord, wrap backwards towards the tail, and wrap back again on the same segments you began with. 6. Cut tapered end on cord and tie down tapered end almost to the hook eye. 7. Pull back soft hackle and tie back for legs. Don't worry if the legs look uneven and gnarly. Scud legs aren't pretty.
  6. Glad you like them. I'm entering a step by step for anyone interested.
  7. Thanks you guys. The fly is still evolving however. You know how that happens when you are tying and come up with newer ideas for it. I'm now tying the segment thread wraps closer together than the one pictured with a slightly different tying method. Instead of crystal hair I used tan soft hackle. I'll post a pic of a slightly different version. I wonder if it will work as well.
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by navigator36: Crystal Scud
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by navigator36: Red Rocket
  10. I mostly fish lakes now with a fast sinking line and have caught some nice rainbows on a size 18-20 chironomid pupae imitation. It took me a lot longer to get the fish in but they were very releasable. I got a 4 weight sinking for this very purpose in fishing these smaller flies. I guess it will just take more skill to see if I can play a fish back without straightening the hook out or parting the tippet. A 7x or 8x tippet just passes through the eye once with no room to spare.
  11. Has anyone on the board ever used these size 32 hooks to land a decent sized trout? I thought it would be a challenge and a half to actually land a nice sized trout on one. They are good quality TMC hooks and seem sturdy enough for their size. Has anyone ever landed a decent trout on these? My hands aren't the best for tying small flies so I'm keeping them simple. Is this a waste of time?
  12. I'm in Regina, Sask. Yeah some people don't know what they are missing do they? Oh well, more fish for me I guess.
  13. Thanks alot. Of course you can use a cone head option as well. Some also insist on using red for their pike flies, so a small red hackle after the white at the front might be ok. Overall it still works very well as it is.
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by navigator36: Pike's Fate
  15. I caught a clam once. Strangest thing I've ever seen caught? When I was younger I saw a guy fishing next to me reel in an old five dollar bill.
  16. I recently made some of it and it's great. I got my toluene from a local hardware store as well as the marine version of Goop. I used old baby food jars and added one third toluene and two thirds goop. After a lot of mixing it thinned out very well though took on a very slight whitish color though it looks clear when on the fly. It dries in little time a forms a solid but rubbery finish. Kind of like Dave's Flexament. Depending on how much toluene you use of course, the smell is not that bad.
  17. Hi everyone. I've been flyfishing for about 26 years now. I recently came across this great site and am hoping to get some ideas and share some patterns as well. I've seen that most of you don't stick to traditional patterns and I can relate. I use to be heavy into flyfishing and tying but got so neck deep into my job and other work. I hadn't been tying for a long time. Recently, I finally went out north and tied into some big rainbows on one of my favorite old lakes. The fever is back again and it's back for good. Can't wait for holidays next year!
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