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  1. hey leaky waders and crotalus just to let you know i had a tec problem on the site which i wasn't aware off and had not received the order details from paypal (i usually get a mail when i get a sale and act on it straight away so was oblivious to the fact there was a problem until i got the message from leaky the fault has been sorted and i have included some free stuff to those who have had to wait .....as soon as i found out i also put a notice on the front page of the site ive now also changed the way the order system works so i get 2 separate notifications from now on ................many thanks
  2. hi buddy I don't charge for shipping to the usa and you can pay in us dollors via paypal ...................no whammys at all there :-)
  3. thanks folks ...........................and the bugs say hi also :-)
  4. i have a bug problem a subbug problem the pike have no problem with my problem
  5. had a great season last year on my fried alive baitfish so i needed to replenish the box as i gave bucket loads away , so decided to add a few new colors to the shoal starting with this silver and blue pattern tied on a 1/0 this is all i have left in the box , can you guess what the killer color was lol more as i do them
  6. save me a seat on the plane fellas
  7. and i did one in orange/yellow he he as well i custom mixed the gliss n glint orange with a yellow synthetic and added a bit of gold magnum flashbou .... thanks for the comments
  8. 16 inch articulated tandem 8/0 jackpike using the new blend of lindsay jackpike gliss and glint plus , every now and again i tie some monster sized flies and it was seeing bens articulated musky ties i got hot for the vice again............. thanks for the inspiration Ben
  9. stole some decorations of the christmas tree this year (as i do most years) and used the sparkly ball decorations as eyes dont tell my crazy wife what i did please
  10. just the pictures ..........has a nice hard head on it
  11. tied up some DNA baitfish today , these are smaller as far as pike flies go only being around 4 inchs long but work very well for esox on my local loch ,the heads are made with deercreeks diamond hard uv resin and tied on 1/0 hooks
  12. thanks for the comments , the dumbbell ones do track upside down i can fish these hard on the bottom without them snagging up kinda like a jig
  13. very nice looking flies id fish those in a heartbeat good job
  14. been holed up in the cave bad weather stopping me chasing green meanies heres a few ideas ive come up with enjoy
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