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  1. well I have been kind of out of flyrodding and tying for about 2 years (bass fishing with conventional tackle)but have found a new interest and got the vise back out and back to spinning deer hair I love tying bass bugs also working on some crawdad patterns cant wait for the water to warm alittle and clear up anyways I'm very excitded to get back into it Tight lines big_fish
  2. correct on Chris Helm he is the micheal angelo of tying with hair his knowlage of the subject is outstanding and as some one said earlier find anything he has done and watch it read it or listen to it that is the correct name of his shop it is in toledo ohio and great prices on everything and gel spun is the way to go for thread and practice as much as possable if you dont like the finished pice take a razor and cut it off and tie another keep us posted thank
  3. well my thinking is that most of what a fish eats has eyes so I try to tie them with eyes or glue eyes on I don't tie realistic flies i like to ty what I use and use what I tie
  4. Ok this may have been discused in the past but what are your feelings on eyes on your flies I have been trying to keep track of this while fishing over the past three years and I have to tell you according to my records it seems the fish tend to consentrate on my flies with eyes producing more strikes( notice I said strikes because I still tend to over react on the strike and loose fish) but the largest largemouth bass I caught was on a laminated foam popper with no eyes but the water looked like chocolate milk (didn't watch the weather)but I drove aways to get there so I figured what the heck a little casting practice at the very least. I managed 2 large mouth the largest was 22 in and the smaller was 19 no other fish that day and I know they couldn't see the popper so what do you tie eyes or no eyes
  5. fishing for muskies are ya dont forget top water I like divers and sliders red and white are always a good combo as for streamers well the Gen-x bunny leach is a good choice again in red with a white tail ad some flash to seems to add that little extra to get the strike I wish I had some pics for you maybe one of the other guys has some as for smallies hands down clousers are my all time best producing fly for me (and about a couple hundred thousand others)I am a fan of chart over white ,brown over orange(craw fish colors) and gray over white and again add flash but remember with clousers when tying them less is more not to much hair Bob Clouser him self has said the best ones he has ever used has been very sparce in hair and the flash a little longer than the hair everyone wants to tie them to bulky this is all my 2 cents but I have a fish or two under my belt good luck and be careful bring us some pics
  6. I remember my first ties it was like I can still see them ---all yeah i can because they looked like shit and didn't catch any thing so they are still in one of my boxes those look pretty good but the guys are right hang on to some just for future reference keep tying
  7. looking good I have been tying bass bugs for a few yrs and shaping them is a little tuff a good pair of curved sissors is a God sent and flex. razor blades help .with your collar was you trying to get one like on a dalburgh when i cut my collars in I take the top of my hair stacker and shove the whole fly (before you cut any hair off) like your trying to hide it into it to where I would like my collar to end(the rear of the collar)then just go around and cut down with a razor to the color you want to see on the rear of the collar I'll try to get a pic up stacking hair is tuff work the smaller the fly the harder it is but like I said earlier it looks good and will catch fish warm water fish are attracted to rubber legs like moths to the light. tight lines
  8. I have never used wool for tying but have a few I would like to try is it spun just like deer hair? I don't even have any yet I'll make a trip to gander or cabelas after the christmas return season is over thanks in advance for the info big_fish
  9. this site is a good one in you want tab music http://www.guitartabs.cc/ it has all kind of music here is another good site if you like hot country http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/melody/73/tab.html# and another good one is http://www.guitartabs.com/ what color is your strat I am thinking of buying on my self I like the fender squire m 80 anyways hope those sites help you in you need more let me know later big_fish :headbang:
  10. just a question for you all do any of you use the traditional creel any more I think they are made of bamboo or wicker I am some what over come with tradition but I'm guessing we all have the bug or we probably wouldn't be flyfishing any ways I'm lookimg for one not that big a deal but was wonderingg I release all I catch but thought I could carry gear in it
  11. well for me it's that time of year to dig through the vest and boxes to see what I have collected over this yr and to see what needs replaced to my suprise my go to fly the clouser didn't really produce well for some reason I had a lot of luck with the skip morris pan fish(smpf) basicaly a micro clouser but I usually do better had some luck with the coveted bugger my # 2 got to did ok with top water bass bugs also balsa poppers well maybe next yr good tying and stay warm later big_fish
  12. thanks guys any info I get is very helpful and I never mind after all this is what this place is for to help each other out thanks again big_fish
  13. hey guys I got a real easy way to make poppers this method may already be out there so I don't want to claim it for my own but anyways I took 4 small sheets of craft foam(got it at walmart for .33)glue them together and set them aside (i used super glue ) put a hook in the vise I put marabou then palmered a saddle hackel up about 1/8 in real heavy maybe 10 wraps and wrap the rest of the hook with thread and whip finish the whole shank should be covered then I took a 357 casing (knock the primer out so you can poke something through to get the foam out )put the foam on a piece of wood set the casing on it and uced a small hammer to punch through the foam take the foam out of the casing I take my bobkin and push through the foam so it will go over the eye of the hook I then put supper glue on the thread pretty heavy and push the foam over the eye and down the shank leaving the eye exposed and there you got it a foam popper I wish I could post some pics but not sure how to use this cam yet tightlines big_fish
  14. beautiful Mark the story reminded me that I don't fish with dad enough it's funny how as you get older the people and places you used to spend time with and go just seem to not get the attention that they used to for some reason or not any ways keep up the great work big_fish
  15. big_fish

    caddis flies

    thanks guys great info thats what i was looking for
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