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  1. One of my bluegill patterns would be the Bugeye hook -#12 nymph tail-little tuft of marabou body-dubbing, floss, or whatever eyes- beadchain
  2. My dad says the house is around Lakeside on the western shore
  3. Reading my first question I see it didn't come out like i thought it would. Anyways i was wondering if some of the western fellows could give some input on flies and tactics. I've never been out west before and im pretty much going blind concerning what i should do. I would greatly appreciate any advice
  4. I'm going out to Montana in a couple weeks or so to help my uncle, he's a contractor and is working on a house on Flathead Lake. I'm going to be up there for two weeks and I could really use some information on what I'll need to bring and about the water around there. Some input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have resently aquired a set of wings from a friend who shot a turkey. I was wondering how to store them. Should I just pluck the feathers and pair them or what, kindly taking recomendations on what to do.
  6. my favoritest river is an eight hour drive from my house, the Paint River up in the U.P. the best smallie fishing I've ever had
  7. I got a a couple fly tying/ fishing books and a rotary vice
  8. school track (school and track take up A LOT of my time) hangin with friends hunting picture taking
  9. nice tye. and to me the herl looks really bushy, not a problem just sayin
  10. thanks for the nice comments
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