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  1. Paymaster

    Fly Box Art

    Besides tying, I love to doodle pics in the lids of foam lined fly boxes. Here are some of what I have done. Colored Sharpies on white foam.
  2. Got my set yesterday! Awesome flies Y'all!!!
  3. Running behind but mine will mail today. Thanks for hosting!
  4. .... to tie bait fish patterns. Here are my fisrt few attempts. Any comments good or bad are welcome. I am slowly learning. I have been a trout fly tyer for years but I am wanting to expand my tyin knowledge.
  5. Got mine and man these are nice. Thanks all.
  6. Sorry I am running late, Remodel issues at home. But will Mail mine in the morning. Again sorry for being late.
  7. Got mine today and wow, these bugs are great. Thanks to all that participated. And thanks to the host for a great swap. :yahoo:
  8. Got mine today. They are great. Thanks all.
  9. Mine are on the way. Thanks for hosting. :headbang:
  10. Bump. Anyone out there :help:
  11. Mine will be on the way as soon as I get an address.
  12. Ok I am in with a Hornberg.
  13. :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :headbang: Thanks
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