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  1. No I have not MuskyFlyGuy I wanted the knot to be as small as possible, didn't want to pick up weeds. Think tonight I might try some hot water and see if it might soften up the line some.
  2. Trying to tie up some pike leaders and I am having some problems. I am trying to use Mason hard mono. Trying to use 30" 30lbs. to 24" 20lbs. and about 2' of Knot 2 Kinky wire. Trying to tie a blood knot to join the 30 to 20lbs. This stuff is so stiff I cannot get a good blood knot. Any tricks to make this connection?
  3. I mainly flyfish but sometimes switch to a baitcaster and use spinner baits. I have a bunch of spinner baits with no skirts. Has anyone used fly tying materials to make some replacements for the rubber skirts?
  4. This past weekend I realized I need some help getting the tippet through the hook eye. Was looking at those clip on magnifiers. Does anyone else use them. They come in different powers so how do you decide which power you need?
  5. FlaFly that's what I thought about with the sea anchor. I do have a bow mount trolling motor and when it is on hi speed I can move against the current but for how long due to battery charge I don't know. I work for an overhead crane company and we replace a lot of chains for chain hoists. Think I will cut some different lengths and see what works. phg is there a reason for wrapping the chains in duct tape?
  6. Just got a new boat. Lowe 170W. I am going to be flyfishing the Kankakee river in Indiana. Anyone have any ideas on how to slow the boat down while drifting, drag chain or some kind of anchor?
  7. Started getting the tying area set up.
  8. Finally pulled the plug and the loft upstairs is done with hardwood flooring. Pic 2 is going to be the new fly tying area.
  9. Sorry about the sideway pictures. I was going to put shelves on the sides and one on top of the window. As for the carpet SWMBO is still deciding on new carpet or hardwood flooring.
  10. Please don't laugh, pic 1 is my present tying area. Pic 2 is where an old computer desk was. The kids are moved out know so I am going to make a designated tying are. I was planning on making a shelf under the window for a tying bench and some smaller shelf's along the wall on both sides of the window for storage. In pic 2 you cane see the imprint in the carpet where the old computer desk was. I was going to build a small table for the computer and put it were the old computer desk was so I could roll between it and the tying bench. Anyone have any ideas or wisdom about my plan?
  11. On a trip to Florida I checked a larger rod tube with several rods in it. All the rods where in cloth rod socks so they would not get damaged. After arrive at the hotel I opened the rod tube and all the rods where taken out of there socks and crammed back in the rod tube. The rods where scratched and several guides where bent. There was also a note that said that it was opened by the TSA for inspection. After several phone calls I was pretty much called a liar and the more I pushed the issue I was told indirectly that they have my name and I would almost certainty have a problem boarding a flight to get back home.
  12. Will the browns be in that skinny water?
  13. Leaving tomorrow morning for the North Branch of the Au Sable river. Will be fishing around the Lovells area. Hopefully we will be able to catch some brook trout. Went last year at the same time and got skunked.
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