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  1. Fishy Bob, If I ever go down that way to visit family I will definetly hold you two up to that treat. Ha! And it's guaranteed to be a fun and tasty lunch! Bob and I had lunch on Friday and you all are in for a treat. I got to see first-hand the awesome nymphs that he tied up for this swap. John
  2. I'll give it a go... that is if you can deal with a newb I've been wanting to tie and fish these for a long time, but just haven't done it... yet. John
  3. Carl, Just superb SBS. Kudos! What a great contribution to the forum. Just curious... I learned to tie my first bugger with lead wraps underneath. Is that something you like to do, or do you prefer cones/beads? John
  4. troutguy, Just wanted to let you know a great set of flies arrived today. Woohoo! Fine tying by all. Plus... I just got off the phone with fishingbobnelson (he lives right up the road). His computer is down and out and in the shop, but he also wanted to let you know his flies arrived and they rock! Thanks for hosting. Really appreciate all your hard work. John
  5. OK, well fishingbobnelson lives just up the road from me and he got his a couple of days ago, so he must have special hookups. The good news is, I got mine yesterday. Wow, what a great set of flies by all! Thanks, guys and thanks Horseshoes for hosting. Can't wait to get these on the water. John
  6. Bob, You must have friends in the post office. How come I live just down the road and still have no flies? Hmmm... those Sacto/Tijuana guys must be hooking you up John
  7. Carl, Thanks for doing this! I'm in. John
  8. Happy birthday, Bob! Now, quit sitting around and enjoying the cake and get to fishing John
  9. Rocco, I'm going to echo everything rstout said. I too, bought the Kathy Scott DVD and learned how simple it can be. I built up my own boards and now make all my own 7.5 foot and 10 foot furled leaders. I've experimented with 2lb and 4lb mono, 2lb and 4lb fluoro, UNI thread, and Flymaster thread (went a little overboard). I love 'em all. Like rstout, they all turn over incredibly well, and you can't beat the price as well as enjoyment of making your own. John
  10. Don't know Mike 15851, but I do know that Redneck also disappeared from two other swaps (Dry Fly Reversal and Great Nor'Easter), although he came through on my Tenkara swap earlier this year. Don't know what to think... John
  11. Kudos, guys! A beautiful set of flies arrived yesterday. A worthy tribute to a great fly-fisherman. Thanks NJ All Day for hosting. John
  12. Sweet set of flies arrived in yesterday's mail. Awesome ties, guys! :thumbsup: Thanks for hosting Rich. John
  13. Green Drakes are winging their way eastward... no, wait, maybe they'll go south first since their from Sac. Naaahhh. That only happens to fishingbobnelson John
  14. 'Shoes... FWIW Redneck also vanished from the Great Nor'Easter swap, although he delivered on my Tenkara swap earlier this year. Don't know what to make of it. Thanks for hosting! John
  15. Iron Blue Duns have left the building (actually were outta here yesterday)... John
  16. Orange mud hoppers are winging their way across the country... John
  17. Wow! Glad to hear your flies are showing up. I always have a little concern in the back of my head wondering if they made it safely home Keep me posted as to when they arrive. Thanks! John
  18. Ray, Maybe next month? I'm tying for three other swaps right now and don't want to get too overloaded, but wouldn't mind hosting another one if the timing's right. John
  19. And one more update... all flies are outta here! Just got back from the post office and sent all packages. Please let me know when they arrive. Thanks! John
  20. We're almost done... Just finished sorting and taking lots of pix. I set up a web page for your perusal and enjoyment : http://bdigitaldesign.com/tenkara_swap/ Next is the packaging up and they are outta here. I'll let you know when they hit the post office. John
  21. Yeah, and we all know how they're gonna turn out... FANTASTIC!!! John
  22. Oooo, and another NorCal guy jumps in. Now we're getting really iffy. I'm in with the ubiquitous TBD... John
  23. Boy, some of you guys are fast! Rich, been out of state for a little while, but I do know what I'm gonna tie--put me down for an Orange Mud Hopper. Can't wait to get started John
  24. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing Terje. John
  25. Been out of state for nearly a week, so haven't been able to keep y'all up to speed. But here's the good news... all flies are in! Received both Houndog's and boynabubble's flies this past week. Houndog - outstanding boynabubble - beautiful work That now means that I'm getting to work on returning these flies. I won't be able to get to 'em on Saturday 'cause, poor me, I'm attending an all-day fly tying class with Jay Fair I'll for sure get to work on dividing everything up on Sunday and keep you posted as to when they leave the building. If you could let me know when you receive them too, that'd be great. Thanks to everybody. I'm gonna take pictures and post 'em here too, so be on the lookout. John
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