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  1. Thank you Bob Nelson; Hope life gets back to normal. Thank you all for great flies! Merry Christmas!
  2. Merry Christmas and thanks Bob! Happy holidays to you all
  3. Bob Nelson I hope you see progress and nothing that can’t be replaced was damaged. I have that new photo App from the post office. They sent me a photo of the postal carrier delivering my flies this morning to your house. I’m wishing you and Sharon well. Be safe.
  4. Your mailman was around when the pipes broke, was he? Remember Neumann on Seinfeld? They cause trouble to those who question the mail...... Seriously, great talking with you. Hope nothing important or irreplaceable was damaged. Hang in there.
  5. Sparkle brown and gray caddis. I encourage you to please say a Novena for the package.
  6. I’m late. Dropping in mail tomorrow. My gift for Santa should keep me off the naughty list.
  7. This is my 2,000 post FishingBob. I was fishing caddis dries in GSMP last weekend. Wild Browns and Rainbows we’re loving them.
  8. Great flies guys. All well tied. Thanks Bob for including me. I hope you feel better.
  9. Opened my envelope and no flies. Just this...
  10. Bob Our friends wanted to go out for Mexican. There are loads of authentic great places. They chose Charanda, a chain. There was an Asian chef and kitchen manager. Not a single Latino or a Latina to be found. That was a good carnitas......... not from Charanda.
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