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  1. FishingBobNelson You’re not going to mail my flies back, and make me get them there next week?
  2. FishingBobNelson I'm told that GrubHub will be delivering my flies tomorrow. They will be in a taco order secretly stashed after 11:17AM at Primrose Park. They said ominously that you will know where to look.
  3. Thank you Niveker! Rabbithole outed me on a Facebook page giving away my secret Owen’s Corning R15.
  4. Light Hendricksons on the way. I used pink insulation for the dubbing.
  5. Please sign me up and Bill J. You have heard of the be determined later flies, well this is a be determined later tier. I will cover 24 flies if he fails to join.
  6. Bob thank you for hosting a great swap! Thank you the extras! Love renegades, yours especially. Did you mean to send me the two twenty dollar bills and the half eaten taco?
  7. I’m in. I was thinking of moose, mink and mallard since the letter P has already been used. Biots are ok? I may go with Woodcock, Turkey & Fox. Now if I can only think of a catchy name for that wetfly.
  8. Anyone reload 40 SW with cast bullets? I have some 140 grain lead. Tried some WST and Titegroup. Need to try these loads. Anyone have 700x, Titegroup, HP-38, HS6, or WST loads you like for 140 or 165gr lead?
  9. If I might ask, what was wrong with you? How old are you? My liver and white Brit, is a rescue. I got her when she was eighteen months old. I was her third home. I self trained the orange one to hunt with quail wi gs and then live quail, a lot was just her natural ability. Abby, the liver, would walk, but not hunt when we went out. I took her with Hope, I took her with other dogs. One day, she pointed a woodcock. She retrieved it too. If you can get a couple of live quail put them in a mesh bag and hide them. Let your dog find them. Keep doing it and make it a fun game. I made a trap to catch the quail back. Even if your dog doesn’t get trained, enjoy him. Three is not too old. You, be well. Hope is my orange Brit. In 2010, my Brit Maddie was killed when my youngest son who was house sitting let the dog out to great my wife and me when we came back from a week in NY. She ran after a stray cat and was hit by the only car on the road. I laid on the road and cried. Two days later I found out that I had kidney cancer. My wife made me get another dog. I got Hope, reluctantly. I didn’t want to go through cancer and my heart hurt from losing Maddie. My type of cancer could have been fatal. I couldn’t think of a dog name, finally, I realized that I had no Hope. So that’s her name. Let your dog be your strength.
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