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  1. I grew up in that area. I was trying to think whose flies they could be. I was at the Darbee house growing up often. I’m from that area. If he had authentication it could be worth it. I wonder if Jim Krul or Mike Valla saw his collection?
  2. I carry a Glock 27, the 40 caliber version of the 26. I have told friends to choose either a S&W model 36 or a Glock 43 for first gun. Both are reliable, effective and inexpensive to shoot (accept now when all ammo is scarce). I prefer a Relentless Tactical leather IWO holster. When fishing, in back country, I carry a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 spl, with 265gr LSWC bullets or a S&W model 60 three inch 357 with hard cast 165 gr LSWC. My 5.11 pack has a hidden holster. Practice often. Most people in a stressful situation will shoot maybe half as well as in practice. Practice reloading. Where you carry should be consistent. If you decided you are going to carry, always carry. Don’t tell people you carry. Resist the urge to check your clothing or adjust your holster in public. Look before you go out to see if your gun prints on your clothing. If you look, it is easy to tell who has a gun. Bad people do. Good luck and stay safe.
  3. Got mine. Cool flies. Great selection. Thanks Kim for a great swap
  4. Thank you Kim for running a great swap!
  5. Thank you. Yes, I have never seen anyone else tie these. Niveker, I find most people make the tail and body too long and that makes the fly fragile. Go farther up the feather and make the tail and abdomen shorter. When I tie the traditional, I also include divides wings. I often cheat and cut the pulled forward wood duck and even it.
  6. Wood duck and deer body hair. This is a variation of the Darbee two feather fly. I used deer hair instead of hackle. The wood duck flank forms an extended body. Simple and quick tie, but a great dry fly for picky trout. Daiichi 1167 size 14 They will be in the mail today.
  7. So, this is just feathers and thread, this good? LOL
  8. I will. Jim Mackey a long time friend of her family will.
  9. Mine are really in the mail. I blessed them and wished them luck. I told them to stay away from Flytire’s “postal” flies and keep their feathers to themselves.
  10. Winged caddis it is then. Yetavon, the secret to the winged fly is I clean the feathers and coat with Sally Hanson nail polish, let dry and cut to shape. Very effective during a hatch or just as a prospecting fly. It has no hackle. I use fly floatant when I fish. The dubbing is looped on and brushed to act as hackle. Caddis are usually very hairy looking.
  11. Yetavon Don't be discouraged or overwhelmed, tie a nymph. Use pheasant for tail, wrap pheasant tail or biot for body. Use pheasant for legs, This one: tail-pheasant tail body-pheasant tail rib-copper wire wing case - pheasant body thorax-woodchuck legs -lower back pheasant lead weight- piece of old dental lead foil
  12. OK, I’m torn on pattern. Would you rather have number one or number two?
  13. OK, I missed the Vicrider post. Yetavon, we still have to connect to fish. DarrellP, thanks. I would love to.
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