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  1. Picked up the flies today...out of town for over a week. Flies look great. Again thanks for hosting. Vic and Steve hope you both are feeling well.
  2. Nick, Very sorry to hear of this...my prayers and best wishes for a quick recovery go out to you.
  3. Flies mailed today...thanks for hosting.
  4. flies done, need ADDY BB when you get a chance.
  5. flies arrived...they look great...now all we have to do is go fish. Thanks for hosting Kevin Steve
  6. Great looking set of jigs....looking forward to spring. Thanks for hosting BB. Chenille was just the regular stuff. Steve
  7. Kevin, flies were mailed about a week ago, hope they arrived by now. Steve
  8. My condolences Adam as well. Keep any extras BB
  9. Sorry to hear the news about you're Tony. Prayers to you and you're family. BB. Glad you received my flies, looking forwards to seeing all the flies. Steve
  10. Kevin, Need an address when you have a moment. Flies will be ready to mail in a couple of days. Thanks for hosting. Steve
  11. Just discovered the site was back up and running...was kind of wondering what had happened.........however that is not as important to hear about you're wife Net. As others have said about they're wives I would also be at a loss. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and you're family. Steve
  12. Happy New Year BB, Back again tying for bluegills and crappies. I'm in. Steve
  13. That would be the Eastern Green Drake. I should have been clearer.
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