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  1. Just a thought. If no more are to be found, you might try taking a board, placing your lone existing hook on the board and driving nails along the shank near the eye and also where the bend is . . . a jig of sorts so you can bend a similar down eye streamer hook to make your own.
  2. Those colors all work at different times as well as black , brown, blue and chartreuse. StippledPoppers2012.pdf
  3. Polyurethane is very adequate for coating poppers if you are going to be using them for the current season. In my experience, over the short run it can last better than 30 minute epoxy. If you don't keep a bunch around for long periods before using them as I have, it should be fine. Note the crack through the eye of this popper that sat inside in one of my boxes for several years before I added the dressing this year to finally fish it. The poly and the paint came off before long when I fished it for Bluegill.
  4. Back when the GI Joe with Fung Fu grip came out I jokingly told my daughter she was getting one from me for Christmas. When I opened my gift from her on Christmas Day I found a Mr. T doll complete with weapons and tools. . . joke turns around!
  5. It is certainly not doing any good for anyone involved in any way in the restaurant business.
  6. What do you think of "Once Upon A Time In The West" which is my favorite Western?
  7. If you get superglue on your hand and try to wash it off, it will certainly turn white, opaque, and pretty much instantly cure. Are you applying it to something that is wet?
  8. Nice! But seriously, the subject of your having attended the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous several years ago came up in our discussions. Hope your schedule puts you in the area sometime in future the first weekend in November so you might be able to attend again.
  9. There is a wealth of knowledge in the book both about Kirk's own methods and the history of popper making in the South and Gulf Region. It is well worth the price. Fair notice. Kirk is a buddy of mine. But I stand by the above. There were a number of times as I was reading the book that I thought "Why didn't I think of that?"
  10. These are Balsa Bugs created by Mr. Charlie Brown who lives in Pennsylvania which were painted and dressed by me. These two bugs were shaped, painted, and dressed by me from High Density Urethane Foam, a product that is used to create signs carved in relief.
  11. It depends on the epoxy. For durability stay away from 5 minute epoxy. It soon yellows and cracks. Generally the longer the cure time the better the durability and the longer time you have before the epoxy sets up enough to no longer be used to spread over your fly. Longer cure takes longer to yellow especially if it has UV inhibitors built in such as the Flex Coat Lure Gel Coat and longer before it will just crack sitting in your fly box. The epoxy down side is that you need some method to rotate the fly until it sets up. With the Flex Coat I mentioned this can take up to three hours and 12 hours before I've wanted to touch them. The better epoxies seem to perform slightly better than UV resins at least in reviews I've seen. Someone please correct me if this is no longer true. I wouldn't use epoxy just to cover thread wraps on wet and like flies.
  12. Without doubt flytier's internet investigative kung fu is very strong.
  13. Speedy recovery Mike. We need your droll candor around here.
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