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  1. Good to hear from you yesterday Sam. You prompted me to get back on here too. I looked for that pattern. It was published in the April, 2006 Hatches, but that’s as far as I got with it. I see Steve is still on here. I keep up with Michael Davis quite a bit. We keep threatening to fish a local creek together. Maybe this winter. Wondering if conehead is still around?
  2. Hello everyone. Its been a few years since Ive been on here. Harley Hunter got ahold of me yesterday, so I figured Id get on here and see whats happening. Ive been pretty busy for the last 10 years with guiding in Alaska for 8 years and now guiding in Branson, Missouri. My wife and I tie commercially for a local shop and I get to fish just about every day. I have not been real creative in the fly tying department for a few years now and pretty much just crank out the standard tail water flies now. Hope to see a few familiar names on here.
  3. I'll p.m you some pictures later tonight. Sounds like I already know who they are and they will be after smolting bows. I've got some great patterns for you.
  4. I am a guide in King Salmon Alaska and have been guiding up there for 6 years now. I work on the Naknek River and I'm very familiar with the area. When I get home tonight I will post some pictures of the flies that work best for me on the monster bows up there. Can you give me an idea of what time of the year they are going up there? The biggest bow I have personally landed was 36 inches long. Last year the biggest bow in my boat was a 33 incher.
  5. Welcome! My wife and I spend our summers in Western Alaska. Come one May 15th!
  6. Have not been on here in a while. Been real busy deer and duck hunting since returning from Alaska. Did get the chance to play around with this fly some and make some improvements to it. It now has chami claws that look and move great in the water. Put the tail on the underside of the hook below the eye. It now folds the proper way when pulling the fly through the water. I changed the legs from hackle to pine squirrel and now get great movement out of them. I now also weave or crochete segmentation into the tail which gives it a little more realistic look to the body. Look out small mouth! :headbang:
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by duckydoty: crocheted crawdad #2
  8. Whats that deer tail doing with all that fly tying material?????
  9. Jcpilot, Wow this has come up from a long time ago. Hope the fly works well for you. I have not tied these in over a year but need to tie up some more of them. My wife loves fishing for smallies and it would be great for her to catch some on the crochetted crawdad. Thanks for posting!
  10. DDBDMC and I would like to thank BFR again for hosting a great swap. Dale Braue and Herman did an excellent job!
  11. DDBDMC and I got our package today. There was still room under the tree for it! Thanks for hosting BFR
  12. I kinda run with the guy from Springfield. I got a trip thursday night and an all dayer on Friday. Head down to Fayetteville on friday night and back in Branson Sat Morning. Maybe we can get to gether and to a little fishing or see you in Springfield at my buddies shop if you get up that way. I will pm a contact number to ya. duckydoty
  13. It's OK Old Hat. We are all addicts here and you are gladly accepted into our ring of addiction. No need to be ashamed. duckydoty
  14. DDBDMC You lost your bait fisherman status with that post. Saweet! BFR I will make sure she gets her flies to you before the deadline. After all she did tell me the best way to a fishermans heart is through his fly duckydoty
  15. I would like to get in if it is not full or too late. I'm sure I will beat the deadline. duckydoty
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