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  1. Denduke, sorry but where is that? Is that Walmart?
  2. Steeves’ Firefly Hook: Mustad 94831 #12 Thread: 6/0 Black Wing Case: Kreinik 1/8” ribbon; Black Hi Lustre (Beetle Black) 3005HL Body: 3mm black foam cut into 1/8” strips Underbody: 4 strands Peacock herl Butt: Kreinik Medium Braid; Glow in the dark Lemon-Lime (Yellow) #054 Wing: Kreinik Heavy Braid; Mallard #850
  3. This is really a "Gill" getter, tied some last year and it was "lights out" on the water. Tying a few more for this year and for some friend's boxes. Simple but effective.
  4. Getting the Gill box ready! Gill Getter Hook: Mustad 3906B #10 Thread: Chartreuse-6/0 Underbody: Lead Wire .015 Body: Florescent Green Chenille Legs: Medium Round Rubber Tail: Moose Mane Shellback: Moose Mane (continuation of Mane used for tail) Head: Chartreuse Thread Finish: Dave’s Flexament on shellback and head
  5. Bluegill Killer Hook: Mustad 9671 #10 Bead: 3mm Gold Thread: Black Tail: Round Rubber Legs (Yellow) Rib: Pearl Tinsel Body: Peacock Herl Hackle: Brown Hen
  6. James Wood Bucktail variation The Pumpkinseed Bucktail Hook: 3x long streamer hook #10 Thread: 140 denier UTC black Body: Variegated chenille Wing: A mix of green, yellow and blue bucktail. Head: Bright red and dark purple chenille.
  7. James Wood Bucktail Hook: 3x long streamer hook #10 Thread: 140 denier UTC blue Body: Medium yellow chenille Wing: White bucktail Head: Medium blue chenille
  8. Bream (Brim) Killer Hook: TMC 200R ( size 8-12) Thread: Black 6/0 Weight: Wire .015 Body: Chenille (small or medium color of choice) Wing: Squirrel Tail Legs: Rubber (color of choice)
  9. Red Fox Squirrel Nymph (RFSN) Hook: TMC 5262 #10 Thread: Uni thread 8/0 orange Tail: Red Fox Squirrel back Rib: Gold Tinsel oval Abdomen: Wapsi Whitlock SLF #02 Thorax: Wapsi Whitlock SLF #01 Hackle Hungarian Partridge, Natural
  10. SS Bug Hook: Caddis Curved #10 Thread: 6/0 black Body: chenille Legs: chartreuse and black
  11. Michael Verduin’s Cap Spider Hook: 1/124th jig Thread: 6/0 black Body: ultra chenille black Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs
  12. Foam Spider Hook: standard dry fly hook Thread: 6/0 thread yellow and red Body: 2mm yellow foam (River Road Creations Spider cutter #8) Body: yellow chenille Legs: Centipede yellow and black
  13. Focus stacking can be your friend BUT you need to be able to manually focus your camera. A point and shoot digital won't work. Good luck with your project.
  14. "Nothin Special" Bluegill Fly Hook - J2-#115 dry fly hook #10 Thread - 6/0 black Bead - brass to match hook size Tail - Olive Krystal Flash Body - Ultra Chenille Legs - centipede rubber legs Collar - Ice Dub
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