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  1. These look especially delicious! Nice work.
  2. Me too! I like these ideas. I picked up an Echo Gecko for the grand-kids and need to build some anticipation and excitement for the local pond with some of the grand-kids this summer. Great ideas @DFoster.
  3. Scott, Video link comes back to this page.
  4. Whoa, that a way Dad ! Nice job young lady.
  5. You might be thinking of Stippled Popper
  6. I would go out and immediately buy a lottery ticket! LOL
  7. gillage


    "Loose as a Goose" is definately a thing
  8. Hands down for me a "Cap Spider". Killer pattern and provides experience with chenille and rubber legs.
  9. Scott, Thanks for the help. Much appreciated and the fixed link. Rick
  10. Been there, done that, for my brood of 7 and some nephews and a niece to boot. Wouldn't trade a minute of it. All the kids know how to fish, some like it and do it more than others, all of them are used to seeing a container of wax worms or bait in the spare fridge. One son is now a high school Bass Club fishing coach and has taken fishing to the next level and ensuring his kids and others kids get the opportunity. Enjoy all of what will become happy memories and that will sustain you. They do me. Tight lines.
  11. That's robow7's Monster Gill and you are correct, wish I could take credit!
  12. Wow, that is some Gillage. Nice work. I love big Gills too !
  13. My three best flies for Gills this year have been: Brim Killer, Cap Spider, Gill Getter
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