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  1. The above advice is where I'd be. I think that fit will vary with brand and style, I will only buy foot wear in person after try on, but I know from online window shopping that Orvis & Simms in the styles I shopped said 1 size bigger than street size, and Cabela used to say street shoe size unless otherwise noted, the cheapies I got at Academy are marked so that the shoes in my street size are about a size and a half bigger, giving quite bit of room for the wader. I've also had import shoes that two pair of the same model fit close to the same when the size was marked a full size different. Maybe if you specify the brand/model someone will have experience with that in particular.
  2. I simply clean the skins of meat and fat and dry with borax for several days, (or without borax in cool weather) as I would for the fur market, then store in ziplocks with a bit of borax. I never freeze and see no reason to, but it won't hurt anything either. If the skin is infested with ticks, fleas or lice; Stick it in a garbage bag shoot it with raid and seal the garbage bag for an hour or so, then proceed with the cleaning and drying. Borax in the storage is to kill fur/carpet beetles & moths when they come; I used to use moth balls for this but believe borax is more effective for me without the breathing hazard mothballs. Some ideas on this page may or may not be useful- http://www.uky.edu/~agrdanny/flyfish/petti.htm
  3. How many people flew in and out of China between November and March, when we first started paying attention to it? I'd guess as many as 25% of our population may already be survivors, but far as I know there isn't a test for that. Wife and I both had something in early Feb, that wasn't quite a cold or exactly the regular flu, neither so bad that we went to Dr. but it lingered longer than normal. 15 miles from probably the country's largest importer from China, most everyone in the region working there or associating with folks who do, I believe the whole region must have been exposed to some extent in Dec and Jan. No doubt at all that we will all have it eventually, either thru exposure or injection. Hope it is a mild dose for all. I guess the government hopes by then better testing and more ventilators will be ready.
  4. The droplets are or can be airborne for up three hours according to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-study-idUSKBN2143QP N95, N100 respirators are primarily for wearer protection and required PPE in many dust producing jobs other than medical, one I'm familiar with is various dust producing construction tasks, or cleaning mold and another is automobile paint shop work; otoh, surgical masks are for patient protection and if the N95 is used in that capacity it also provides patient protection. Most N95 are manufactured to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standards rather than FDA. N95 stops 95% of airborne particles but in the common disposable form a bit hard to get a perfect fit, won't fit with facial hair. I believe the testing uses 0.3 micron particles, smaller than the holes in a piece of cloth. There is a medical version of the N95, N95s regulated by FDA, also for wearer protection. From my viewpoint, the chances are that any homemade or surgical type will only provide the wearer minimum protection if any simply because the holes/pores are so large. Unless soaking it in something might help? 19th century surgeons soaked masks in vinegar, I think, but that may have been to combat the stench? Cloth masks are more for other peoples protection as they catch and contain our spit. If 100% of people wore a buff I have no doubt that germ transmission would be reduced. "The CDC recommends that all people wear cloth face masks in public places where it’s difficult to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. This will help slow the spread of the virus from people without symptoms or people who do not know they have contracted the virus. Cloth face masks should be worn while continuing to practice social distancing. "
  5. I'll be a few weeks behind you and completely agree on the rod in hand. Dad didn't fish so it wasn't til '62 that while on a camping trip to an Idaho wilderness area an Aunt taught me the fishing basics and my largest trout to date was caught that day on a willow "rod", a few feet 4# mono she cut off her reel and a worm dug right there, split shot but no strike indicator.
  6. I borrowed a turkey skewer from wife's kitchen 40 years ago, it rolls/spins between finger and thumb easily and quickly, mine is pointed enough to use as a heavy bodkin too. A small button magnet on the vise stem will hold it and the twist out of the way or while I stop for some reason.
  7. Rather successful, IIRC, I caught a couple trout, lost almost a dozen flies, learned about windknots and got a free roll casting lesson from a stranger who would turn out to be the best trout fisher I've met. Lost money, but didn't break a rod, lose a reel or fall in, so it was a good day. Mild temps, sunshine and grackles everywhere. But I was late to the fly rod and was pretty good at taking limits with bait and spinners, at almost 26yo, I only had to adapt to the different delivery system, not to also learn about the fish and the water. Now, my last three times out have been total skunks.
  8. data base on this site never did work right for me, running a web search including the "site:flytyingforum.com" is the most reliable way to find stuff on this site for me. Actually it works best on most sites. "rainbow runner flyguy5910 site:flytyingforum.com" https://www.bing.com/search?q=rainbow+runner+flyguy5910+site%3Aflytyingforum.com&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR
  9. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bulk+pheasant+tail+feathers&t=ffsb&ia=web https://www.bing.com/search?q=bulk+pheasant+tail+feathers&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR Several wholesalers out there and I have never bought feathers in bulk, so, have no idea about any of them.
  10. I haven't been to a bank recently, but wonder if they allow masks, I recall being required to take off my hat before standing in line to cash a check because the elevated camera couldn't get a picture of faces with a hat on. Seems there had been robberies where caps had kept the robber from being identified. What would happen if one walked into a frequently robbed liquor store with a buff on? Double shot?
  11. Twice in the last twenty years I have bought bird pelts from fly two different shops (with brand names on the bags) that developed bugs soon after purchase. I saved the starling because I looked at it often, I lost 80-90% of the golden pheasant because it was stored immediately on return home. I recommend deep freezer for any new bought, killed or found fur or feather. Three days to a week in the deep freeze followed by thaw to room temperature followed by another round in the freezer should kill the eggs and larva. Several hours of exposure to sunshine will also kill most larva. As a side note I have never had any of my home killed or hunter gifts become infested- the carpet beetle and clothes moth don't live on live animals, although they may live in the nests eating cast off feathers, horn or hair. They get into the dead dry skins in the shops, storage or our homes. What I use lots of is 20 Mule Team Borax, it kills bugs by a couple methods, does me no harm and is rather odorless. The nice furs Mark sent me last year got a dish soap bath + rinse followed by a Borax solution soak and they have been fine since then, although I suspect the bison beard had some bugs starting to hatch upon arrival. My zip-locks, storage boxes and tubs all have a dusting of Borax in them, enough to be easily seen. If any new beetles attempt to invade they will walk through that Borax and die and if any larva hatch they will eat some of it with the skins and die. The shed where I store stuff also has a good dusting of Borax on the floor and on all shelves, Borax kills lots of bugs besides beetle larva. I first used it in getting rid of German roaches and later used it in fur handling then adopted it in my fly material storage. You might want to know that moth balls come in two varieties naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene with differing effectiveness and specific human hazards. But neither moth ball nor cedar chips kills or repels clothes moths nor fur beetles. Edit- almost skipped the question; no in the 20-30 years that used moth balls heavily I never had fish refuse my flies for that reason, or at least it didn't happen often enough that I ever noticed. I haven't used them for several years and got skunked three times recently, maybe I should go back to them. And yes Mike the moth balls do smell kinda nice, but I grew up wearing woolens that had been summer stored in moth balls for a few generations and handed down. Cedar and cloves smell nice too and are less of inhalant problem.
  12. I have but with scavenged parts and improvisation. You don't say what reel, and it may not matter; this guy has the reputation of being able to fix any reel and he also builds custom reels. I'd give him a phone call, he may have the parts you need in stock or advice on what to do to fix your problem. http://www.archuletasreelworks.com/
  13. Mo. Resident fishing permit $12, Trout permit $10 (was$7) - under 15 & over 65 exempt from the fishing permit. Nonresident fishing $49 NR Trout $10
  14. As mentioned eBay is a posible, and a quick web search found thes places that say they have them; https://www.whitewaterflies.com/JUNGLE-COCK-CAPES-Grade-AA-A-B-and-C_p_3802.html https://www.moonlightfeather.com/craft-feathers/exotic/1-piece-top-grade-natural-gold-jungle-cock-cape-complete-skin-pelt-with-feather-bulk/ https://www.coastsportfish.com/product/jungle-cock-capes/ https://www.canadiantubeflies.com/flytying-plumage-junglecock.html https://www.troutzilla.co.uk/product/6933/jungle-cock-capes----all-grades---uk-reared http://bransfordgame.com/jungle-cock-capes/ https://rajkumarfeathers.webs.com/ https://www.grampianfishing.com/cock-capes-c-36_75.html Dave Roberts at Feather Emporium has them but his reputation for not filling orders in a timely fashion and poor communication indicate caution in dealing with that vendor, apparently best to see him in person at a show or his shop. All these are supposed to be farm raised and I really wonder at some of the prices, hard to believe it is that much more difficult to raise them than to raise domesticated descendants of them.
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