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  1. Thanks guys, The fly is tied on a Owner Mosquito #2 Hook : owner mosquito #2 tail : zonker, EP fibre, wing n' flash head : deer belly hair eyes : 5 mm epoxie
  2. hi floris sukama manta are a fantastic hook i prefer the manta extra for pike flies as its a lot stronger although the normal manta is a fantastic hook for surface patterns plenty of hook gape cant go wrong with them really What would be the best size for relatively large flies, say 6 - 7 inch ? I might consider a #7/0 but that might be too big ? I see a #6/0 on the picture, is that a nice average size for streamers ? a picture of a dahlberg on a Sakuma 430 stainless #2/0 ~ floris
  3. Hi there, Nice streamers !! How do you like your Sakuma Manta hooks? how do they perform on flies like that ? I'm having succes with the Chinu for small baitfish, and uptide for dahlbergs. I do consider the Manta's for big streamers. ~ floris
  4. This one is for surface or near surface fishing, small about 2 1/2 inch long You guys keep me inspiring, I hope this can help for someone else !?
  5. thanks ! Hi Mike, tying in bucktail like that is something I've learned from someone else like most things I do in tying, I know not so many do it that way though.. You're welcome, and it was my pleasure, it's a lot of fun to do also. ~ floris
  6. Cool, I can immagine how the deerhair-water-pushing flies will work very well .. have you got any experience withtying in fly rattles ? ~ floris
  7. Like most, I like fishing Gurglers. A buddy, Andre filmed me while tying one. HD quality http://www.vimeo.com/19742531 ~ floris
  8. that would be great ! I will try to shoot some more pics of some flies, and maybe a step by step if I have the time
  9. Hi Voodoo, Thanks for the offer, and maybe.... same for you or any member of this community off course, whenever you're around Rotterdam. a buddy will probably be over in september to fish the Bow for a week. We're looking for a floating device to rent, a pontoon would be great, if you have any directions where to look or go ? thanks, ~ floris
  10. the way they attack the fly is awesome Travelled into Calgary a couple of times, fishing the Bow, and went south, livingstone, oldman, castle, crow, and then on to BC .. you're living in trout paradise :yahoo:
  11. hey there, It's gamakatsu worm 34 I believe it's either a 5/0 or 6/0 (biggest), I cast a 7wt rod with a 8 wt line Cordtland precision pike (it's a pretty good line) the wire is flexonit
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