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  1. Great for still water too. love the wounded bait fish. ya this will come in handy! silver/red silver/purple gold/green... oh the possibilitys are endless......... :crazy: :bored: :whistle: i might of just had a flygasm
  2. I write Computer Auditing Code for fun, Hike, Hunt, Camp (like that good ol hike in deep and pitch an tent camping), and i get paid for my last, Photography
  3. WOW what a great line up! can't wait to see the surprise TBD fly line up aswell
  4. Im in Balsa popper in some funky color
  5. Frank got your flies bud! headed to the PO in the morning. and the rest of yall, your new friends said they will see you in a couple days
  6. well i love franks flies too so we can wait abit. and flytryer got em bud
  7. Alrighty yall we got 9 sets in that means a nice little present for our youth flyfishers here in UT will be sending them out on saturday, and as soon as i'm done prossesing photos i'll have the rest of the fly shots up tonight! thank you all for a great swap!
  8. ta that is troublesome. but an easy fix, you have your duck in two wings right... right. place the feathers on both side of the hook. now keep hold of those fethers between your thumb and index finger (dont let go) make two set wraps just to get the feathers where you like the length, Keep holding. now you will probably need to give them a slight tug to get the barbules back flat against the hook shank. after your pleased with the look take one tight wrap around the front near the eye to secure them. thread between the wings to split them and two tight wraps behind, and bring the thread back through the wings add one more tight wrap. trim the excess and clean up and put on your hackle.
  9. 6 days OK I have halve the swap flies here with me. 6 outa 12 Frank, buddy hope your doin well I don't expect to see you flies, but i'll keep my ear open in case you want the addy. As for the swappers who made it in and the ones who will, you have a lot of extras, permission to bag em up and give them to a worthy cause?
  10. yup i'm goin with steve steeldrifter
  11. no. i prefer to look at the raw image and get rid of it before i go jpeg
  12. I was just on the hatches website checkin out this guy tying a fly with a robot!! :headbang: :headbang: Totally cool in theory but a waste of time yall should check it out robot i wont spoil it for ya but there is a surprise at the end that will make you say oh no he didn't! haha check it out
  13. Day5 you are the black sheep of the fly tying world lol Wonderful looking jig man, next you'll need flattops, footballs, and well i guess the sculls are takin care of! great job
  14. hey man go ahead and get a sky/baby blue backdrop. your flies will turn out much sharper that is a promise.
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