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  1. Got out for another day on the ice. Great multi species day, got some smaller Lakers, burbot and a pile of smelts too. New PB wallaye was the highlight of my day.
  2. It was certainly off to a great start! Do you use UV resin to secure the wraps before cutting? Also, and this may be silly, how to you adjust the ribbing and maintain the floss underneath.
  3. It is extra work for sure but it's worth it once or twice a season. Hopefully you get some Ice before end of Feb CP. My forecast it showing it cooling down for end of the month and I hope to get a few more outings in before Easter. Lol, I haven't suffered through an ice trip for a few years. That said your Ice House does leave me envious.
  4. That does make for a nice clean body. Great tie
  5. Had a nice fish fry on the ice today. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Caught a bunch of Jumbos and some Sunfish. They were quite fond of some glow jigs I made up last week.
  6. Wow! It took me a moment to find the hook. Outstanding.
  7. The Fruitrollup, I’ll definitely give it some swings for steelhead this spring.
  8. Mike Schmidt’s Viking "Midge" hooks: 6 and 8 straight eye attached with 20lb wire and a plastic bead tail: hen saddle hackle body: white and brown ice dub brush wing: marabou metes: lead barbell head: wool mixed with white ice dub thread: white next challenge fly: Comparadun, dealers choice
  9. i'll take Mike Schmidt’s Viking "Midge"
  10. RS2 hook: tmc 101 #24 thread: 16/0 to match dubbing body: superfine dubbing tail: microfibets wing: Antron
  11. My dry dropper rigs usually end up looking like this, love it
  12. I like it, and I know what you’re talking about with the crest. Rich Lamonte has great videos for tying and shaping the crests, took me from f**ks and c**ts to s**t and d**n anyways. You got a dozen hooks, might as well try another, second one is always better.
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