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  1. They really can, you spend time sizing and pairing the feathers but you’re absolutely right thread control is key to getting the placement the way you want. A pair of duck billed pliers and some wax doesn’t hurt either.
  2. That is interesting, as I tie I start to see why some elements become fixtures over time. Tail veiling feathers help to keep the tail in a good position, herl butts let you hide a tie in and the cheeks cover the tie in point of the wing that can become less pleasing to the eye. I will raid my wife's art supplies to see what I can find, I may also give them a light steam to see if that helps
  3. I'll be honest, this one really put me to the test but it came out okay. a little clunky at the head and the side veiling feathers got a little roughed up. I may continue to try and preen them but I'm happy with it at the moment. It came from this source The Fishing gazette; devoted to angling, river, lake, and sea fishing, and fish culture : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Here is the example from the Gazette and the recipe I did use substitute Indian Crow from Ryan Houston and Kingfisher in place of the Chatterer Always open to feedback on improvements I can make
  4. That is a great idea, I thought about lead wire on the shank but it would be tricky to get the tinsel to sit well after that.
  5. The Thief I’ll be honest when I first read the thief I assumed it would be a Robber Fly imitation. Perhaps it is but when I looked it up on Fly Tying : New and Old (thx Norm), it’s a pretty neat little streamer. Couldn’t decide how big so I made a few. I did one tips up and I might retie it with was Dee style wing . The next ones I figured Dan Gaper likely used his Dad’s muddler wing method and tied them in tips down. hook: 4-6xl streamer hooks sz 4-14. thread: black head: black chenille. tail: duck or goose dyed red rib: silver oval sized to hook body: flat tinsel. Wing: Oak Turkey over grey squirrel Next up, the Lady Caroline
  6. Nice work Gents, I'll take the Thief
  7. Thx for the feedback Cenafly, the practice really is key but the help from the flytying community has be incredible to get me going. I’ll keep at it, still learning something new every-time I sit at the vice and loving it.
  8. Hi Chugbug I got these with a collection of flytying stuff bought, not sure if one is the Meck book you already have but I can send them your way if you’re interested.
  9. Ah, I do see the difference, it’s like that wing is wearing shape wear ready to put on the final touches to its outfit. Thx for sharing George, gotta find me some swan now.
  10. I need half a dozen Murdoch minnows stat! Well done @flytire that spider came out really nice, @rickzeiger I like your Variations on the Pat’s rubber legs. I know some panfish who would be interested in those.
  11. Halibut and cod on the fly rod, that’s quite the trip.
  12. Deep Clousers I plan to fish smallmouth on the weekend but Beryl remnants dropped a pile of rain so the conditions are an unknown. Couple hours at the vice, box of hooks, eyes and bucktails later and I feel a little better equipped. let me know if you have other colours you like, they are a fun tie and I’ve got a few more colours to try out.
  13. In this case, Sally Hensen’s Hard as Nails
  14. Interesting. @DrLogik You definitely missed an opportunity to drop a “in this case” when delivering the winner. I do want something thinner than sally hensen’s at times I’m sure acetone would work thin it, I just haven’t bothered and stick to thinned wapsi glossy. I did prefer using bone dry UV to head cement but I found I had an allergic reaction to it, mild but I still put it away. Was gonna use it tying outside but lucky my brain worked that day and realized the issue with that.
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