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  1. Hi, check out Davie Mcphail on youtube. I'm a beginner myself and he helped me a lot!! Too easy!( when you see it on screen ) a little bit harder in real life greetz, PT
  2. Hi, I use textile glue(to glue fabrics, leather) wich is flexible and durable, as a base on the needle, then spin a tiny layer of dubbing on the needle( no thread involved), then the fibbets, then shape the body with more dubing and seal it of with loon waterbased flexible head cement.(like norm norlander does it) The problem I have though, is that it's difficult to get the fibbets to sepparate(sapperate??) into a nice 3 way tail. greetz from Norway, PT
  3. thx... I'll give it a shot. I must say, I've gotten a new boost from the nor-vise, and a long norwegian winter ahead of me. It 'll be tying and snowboarding, not too bad a combination :headbang: later....
  4. Hi, here is my travel kit. It's an IKEA toilet bag, make a few bags with stuff you're most likely to use, and bob's your uncle. I'm using my hmh sylhouette with this, I have the nor-vise now but haven't found the solution yet to fit it in this travel kit. greetz from Norway, PT
  5. Hi, Here's some of my try outs on my Nor-vise. I guess I'm gonna need some serious training!! On the other hand: my dubbing goes already much better. My problem is I'm missing structure in my tying. I'm tying a bit of this and a bit of that not really following the recipe. ( I tie like I cook, although that normally works out a lot better ) The same with my materials, and for that matter my fly box. It's my goal for this winter: get some structure and build up a proper fly box.
  6. Here is mine, just reorganized, with my new Nor-vise! It's still tidy but that will change in about 5 min. I'm making another tool block so I'm gonna need some more tools! The waste bag is the hood of an old raincoat with some metal wire. It works really good because I can bent it shut, so no fluff flying arround. I'm a beginner tyer so my storage space is still limited. greetz from Norway, PT
  7. Thanks for the fast reaction. I sent a Norm a mail but he was out of office til monday.( probably out fishing? ) I'm using the small in-line jaws, and I'll give the set screw a try. greetz from sørumsand, PT
  8. Hello, I received my Nor-vise last week, and I love it! I can see that it will take a little time to get used to it, but it is a lot of fun already. I have only 1 problem, and that is I can't seem to get the hook centered. As soon as I close the cam lever the jaws seem to move just a little off center, creating a wobble on the hook. When I put the hook in with just the screw it is perfect. Did anybody have the same experience? Is it something I do, and is there a solution? :help: Thanx...
  9. Since I'm a beginner tyer, I'll tie anything that looks nice and not to difficult. I tie flies to fish with, not to fotograph. But I mostly fish for trout,sea trout, and pike, so my flies vary from mayflies , caddis, nymphs, streamers, to bigger pike flies. I have no photo's yet but I'll try to make some. I'm very happy to have found this forum, and to get so much ideas and input, thanx y'all. btw: no sign yet from the mailman :wallbash: Later,PT
  10. Hi y'all Thanx for the input! I'm getting the vise and the bobbin-kit, so I should be allright. I've been trying some of the techniques on my HMH, hanging my'' normal'' bobbin from my lamp. But it's not the same. should be about a week before I get my early christmas present in the mail. I swear I'm dreaming about it!! My wife is not to happy about that, since we're expecting our 2nd daughter in november, and i should be dreaming about her instead. Later, PT
  11. Hi, I've started fly tying 2years ago on a HMH silhouette. After having seen some rotary tying techniques, I decided to get a Nor-vise. Wich is on the way from the USA to Norway. :yahoo: Ive been looking to the you tube video's and can't wait to try it myself!! The nor-vise is for some strange reason not for sale in Norway, while the concept is brilliant! I'm very curious about the quality of the vise. Anyway.... I'm wondering if anybody knows the measurements for the mountingboard, and what kind of material is smart to use. I was thinking about a kitchen cuttingboard which is heavy and smooth. Is there a minimum and maximum distance between the vise and the bobbin-post? ( for a travel mounting board ) Any feedback wil be most welcome, so that I can prepare for when my equipment arrives. Greetz from Norway, PT
  12. Hi I'm a beginner tyer( 2 years) from Norway and I use the HMH silhouette, but after seeing some rotation techniques, I decided I had to get a nor-vise wich is in the mail as we speak! :headbang: It's not available in Norway so I got in touch with mr. Norlander. After having seen the video's I'm really excited to try it myself. It looks like a lot of fun. By the way, does anybody know the measurements for the mounting board for the nor-vise? Greetz from Oslo, PT
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