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  1. River Road Creations also sells some nice thin foam - 2mm, 1mm, and .5mm. They also sell great foam cutters. http://riverroadcreations.com/
  2. If someone wants to do it, that's fine, it's totally their business, but just like religion, don't try to convert me. And I have yet to see anyone make a valid objective argument in defense of tenkara without resorting to tradition or mysticim or personal bias...there's just no advantage to it that is not also enjoyed as much or more with a standard fly rod, reel, & line. I wouldn't be interested in offering a valid objective argument for any form of fishing. For me the fact that I enjoy it is enough. Is personal enjoyment what you mean by "personal bias"? I don't look forward to a day when I need to justify the rational behind why I am fishing a given way be it streamers or popper or dries or spey or tenkara. Why should anything beyond personal enjoyment matter? Can the advantage be enjoyment? No mysticism involved. What's that famous quote, "I fish because I love to"? Why should we need to justify or offer "valid objective arguments in defense" or worry about "tradeoff advantages" for the ways we want to fish? I'm sure some try to "convert" others to tenkara. Happens with dries and with other ways of fishing. Leave the evangelists to themselves. Lets just fish. The OP using the word "retard" as an insult bothers me far more than how someone chooses to fish on a given day.
  3. "going outa the way to impede himself..." is this because he was walking through the water he was trying to fish and spooked the fish? If so, you can find examples of people doing this using fly rods, spey rods, spinning rods... you get the idea. Learning to approach and fish the water without spooking fish is something we all need to learn no matter how we fish, whether or not we use a fixed line. My 10' 4wt has greater reach than my 7'9" 3wt, though I wouldn't say I was impeding my fishing, just requires a different approach. If you mean because he was using a Tenkara rod rather than a regular fly rod then yeah perhaps he was 'impeding' himself (length of cast for example). However many of us impede ourselves regularly on the water. Sometimes nymphing would produce more but I'd rather fish dries or streamers or whatever. Some days I just want a topwater bass strike or see a trout take a hopper, even if it means fewer fish. If the goal is to eliminate everything that reduces the number of fish you catch / size of fish you catch then fine. However in many cases simply choosing to use an artificial fly is less productive (impeding) than drifting a worm or other kind of bait through the water (perhaps not always but often). Often we like the challenge. I own a tenkara rod, rarely use it but have found it fun from time to time. It offers yet another way to fish for trout. When I fish I can grab my long nymphing rod, my 5wt for dries and streamers (or maybe the 6wt?), my 3wt just cause it is fun sometimes, or perhaps the tenkara rod if I think the water is conducive and I'm in the mood for it. Why it should matter to anyone else or bother anyone else on the water is beyond me.
  4. I don't use it much but did grab a pair of clear UV glasses and have them on my tying desk.
  5. This was the first post by the person who resurrected the thread. Wonder if they have financial interest in the site they linked?
  6. Judging what is and isn't too expensive is a personal judgment. An expensive reel might be worth it to me and not to you, yet I may spend less than you do on another item. The argument that if we spend a lot of a reel or vise then we must also find it worthwhile to spend a lot on another item is flawed. We make these sorts of decisions in many areas of our lives - homes, car, entertainment, clothing, meals, etc etc. If I don't see a need to spend more on an item then I won't, even if I spend more for other items in other areas of my life. I wish you well in your endeavor, but you'll have to argue the merits of your system, not try to convince people it should be seen as a good value because they spend money on "Sage rods and Hatch reels" and a nice tying vise.
  7. I've played around with them a bit, but didn't see an advantage personally. Found them a bit more annoying to work with and don't see an issue with flies tied on the hook itself. Frankly tying flies on tubes was more annoying than on the hook itself. I'm sure someone could list a bunch of advantages of tube flies, but I didn't notice them for my fishing so my tube fly tying stuff generally sits in the box.
  8. The soft milking eggs are killer flies. I've ordered from their store but usually just buy them at the Denver Fly Fishing Show. I've caught a lot of fish on them
  9. If you save it you can use it for fly abdomens.
  10. Very nicely written. Thanks for taking the time! I wish I had it when I started using biots
  11. As others have indicated, it can depend on what you are tying. Ultimately tie with what is on hand. You'll learn how much pressure you can / should apply and get accustom to the thread you use. If you're tying large or very small you might need something stronger or lighter.
  12. I love fishing beetles and humpy patterns - size 12-16 in high mountain lakes. The ones I fish are over 10,000 feet
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