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  1. While I was editing my message to add photos I realized after that Piker20 wanted to see pics so I posted this message so the thread would be bumped. Hope I didn't break any rules.
  2. I just received my Jvice this past week (a birthday present from my wonderful wife ). I will have to get some pics for you guys but I made a base from rock maple(a piece of firewood). His vice's are very nice and really not very expensive if you just get the gooseneck and jaws and make your own base. I went a little crazy and got some extras, the midge jaws which are excellent, the basket for when I am spinning hair, 3rd hand hackle pliers, the gallows tool, bobbing holder and standard jaws which are excellent. Planning or ordering another set of jaws and possibly the tube fly attachments. Really, really excited to have the vice but I haven't tied on it yet as I have been very sick with the flu while I have been lobster fishing(bad combination). I went and took a few pics of the vise and base.
  3. Thanks alot guys. You gave me lots of ideas. Was also thinking of latex tourniquets but not sure on there thickness and also when I did ask at some medical supply shops I think they thought I was an addict from the stares I got lol. I did try a swim cap and it was the right thickness but it didn't hold the color markers and it would rub off on your fingers. Also I read somewhere that there is a spray that can be used to help hold the color markers as well, a printer spray I think.
  4. Hi Everyone. I am wondering if anyone has any info on rubber be it latex or a latex sub that would be .5mm thick and holds color well? I just got a copy of "Listen to the River" and want to try my hand at some of these great looking flies but nymph skin is pretty darn expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Nice ties. Your Dee looks pretty decent and the wings have a nice low profile. The one thing I would try to address is the wing placement. You should try to get the wings attached side by side otherwise if one is on top of the other it will cause your fly to roll in the water instead of sitting level. Keep at it your doing good. I have only tied two myself and I am no expert but I have made the same mistake. You may want to try and tie your wings in hand. Here is a good link for yah to look at. http://www.speypages.com/speyclave/showthread.php?t=38690
  6. A size 1.5 Orange Carron. Tied with red holographic tinsel in place of silk rib and tied with two spey hackles. A view of the wings Here is my second try at the fly. Wound the spey hackle on like a collar and the bronze mallard really set well on this one.
  7. My first attempt at a "Lady Caroline" tied on a size 3 Alec Jackson Spey
  8. Sounds good Steve. I have lots of good suggestions here and a few names to think about before I send the recipe to get printed. Thanks for the reply Dave
  9. My first go at a Black King. Tied on a size 5 Alec Jackson Spey hook
  10. Was thinking of a sunburst spey but didn't have proper materials so I subbed in some . Let me know what you think.
  11. A blue smelt spey variation. The body, turned out nicely
  12. Small silver oval tinsel for tag. Medium silver oval tinsel for rib Used blackfloss to build up body Large silver tinsel wrapped from head to the back and than forward to the head Black marabou for hackle Black/White guinea fowl for collar Bronze mallard for wing (2 slips on each side) Forgot to tie in a tail, would have used golden pheasant cresent . I think that is my 12th spey fly I ever tied, easy to tie for the most part but hard to make look nice. Thanks for the compliment easternfly
  13. The original speys had dull colors and a tented mallard wing. A dee fly has two strips of turkey or goose feather that go up at a slight angle and in a v shape. Now there are many spey fly styles like Glasso style speys with hackle tips for the wing. I think any fly with long flowing hackles underneath to be a spey style fly.
  14. I was trying to tie a silver stoat spey variation, alas I forgot the tail lol.
  15. Love that fly and those pics McRad. Thanks for posting!!
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