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  1. Tom Gibbons


    Very worthy fly, I learned another skill. Thanks.
  2. Dear Flyfishers, always a joy to read such as the above, I appreciated every response. Thanks much and as a matter of fact, " I am old".
  3. Got to thinking about it..., wouldn't leave me alone. So the question is, "does anyone know what rod maker Leisenring preferred?
  4. geepers, I'm remiss fellas. Totally forgot I posted this question. Again, thanks for any info, guess I'll have to regroup the brain housing. Ditz2, yah no kidding, I can definitely dig that ladder idea. No sense getin too excited.
  5. I am looking for info from anyone who has flyfishing experience in the Gulf surf, in the area around Destin, Panama City, or Pensacola. I'm heading there in January. Will be staying there for a month. Thanks, Tom.
  6. this is a great story and not at all why I came in this room, go figure, it was too irresistible.
  7. Some of the stories that a small request such as yours will bring to memory just knock me flat, every time. You can not possibly imagine everything I remember about my journey through Franklin, or.. maybe you can. Looking for someone to hook up with to flyfish was remote according to the arranged schedule [wife], dinner however was formost and was enjoyed at the South Street Restaurant, I believe that is correct.And if this is any indication of how finding anything has to do with this search of yours, may I say that I found my way to Franklin via the Today Show that morning whom were hosting a Chef of that establishment. Further illustrating the point is the fact we also heard about the Lovelace Café and enjoyed that Tenn. experience as well,, actually very well. Not to slight anyone, I add this bit :Guy Fierri, host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, hosted his show there just prior to our visit. Small world...you can find anyone. The wonderful "Thing" about flyfishing is that you will acquire friends across every age bracket, if there is such a thing. Anyways I sincerely hope you this young man.
  8. forgot to add this bit, you may also find this book out there, "The Easy Art of Smoking".
  9. I doubt if you could fail at this. Get a cardboard box, 2' wd. x 3' ht. Cut an access door in the high side. place a flat stone inside on bottom. Get a small cast iron pan 10"x2". Start A small wood fire in it. Put some charcoal briquettes on it and allow to burn well. Place some small chopped seasoned hardwood on it after soaking it in water for 1/2hr.This you will place on top of the stone when the rest of the box is finished. Poke some holes in the bottom and in the top. Get some 1/2" rebar wide enough to stick out on either side at the top, allowing room for a grate on which you place fish till completely smoked. But really the simplest is made from a lower kitchen cabinet, the type with door on the bottom and drawer on top. Cut out the draw bottom and replace with stucco wire, chicken wire you get it. Fasten to the bottom of draw. Place a piece of plywood on top, drill some holes under it if necessary and use the same procedure for the fire pan.
  10. Hi Betty...speaking of bluefish,[ pardon for the separation from the subject], today for lunch I had some "Fresh Fish Mousse" made up from some bluefish fillets caught this past Sept. off Montauk Point... and the flies you show look like ones one would use for blues and they look well tied. See you in a blitz.
  11. AA, Good luck to your son and Godspeed him safely through his service. To those loved ones parted from us now, to all Vets
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