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  1. i thought this was a bust, I have been doing a kitchen remodel and unpinned the posts. I have to work today until 7pm but I can ship on Friday cause I have that day off. Mark I will send you my cell number as well so if you have anymore questions you can reach me right away
  2. got it all sorted out and sending you a PM now
  3. Box 1 is to mybadhabit - waiting for response on next delivery box 2 is to firedad box 3 is to riffleriversteelheadslayer
  4. box 2 is sent out and box 3 is in the hands or on the way to riffleriversteelheadslayer
  5. Box 2 was received!! Wow this box has gotten big. I took 4 and put back 10. This box has over 80 items not to mention misc feathers in there. Invite was sent
  6. Invite was received and accepted. I already have my flies tied and ready to ship. I pm'ed you mark for the address to get them shipped. I will be doing the damsel in distress. I sent my invite and waiting for response.
  7. Agn54 said he was sending box 3 to panama red, I think thats where the mix up is. Thanks wes that is what I figured last night so I still had it right
  8. From what I am seeing we have 2 box 2's floating around?
  9. Thanks! Blogging has been and its been nice helping people with patterns and techniques. How fast it grew completely blew me away!
  10. I am doing some searches of back logs of hatches and I emailed will as well to see if he will help
  11. It's the email from Hatches Magazine with a link to this forum. FlyTyingForum.com: New Articles, Videos & Fly Patterns FlyTyingForum <[email protected]> http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/files/2011/05/foam.jpg I think it is hopper called the club sandwich.Have seen a pattern similar years ago available from the Fly Shop in California. I have seen many variations of the club sandwich and all were really busy flies. This is really simple with less materials. I do know I have seen this fly before.
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