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  1. DFoster

    My new shop

    Happy belated Mike! The slab is looking nice!
  2. LOL you sound like Capt. Pierce (Hawkeye) from MASH!
  3. It's like I tell my Grandchildren- Fishing wasn't easy for us back then, I remember having to run from the T-Rex to just to get to the local river when I was a kid.
  4. To my eye it's a Fall Fish. In my area they are most often found in the same waters that hold trout. They handle warm water better and are found in pretty much every river and stream with moving water year round. I often fish for them through the hot months when I don't have the time to drive to cold water rivers. For me Fall Fish are a great way of keeping my casting, drifting, hook setting and knot tying skills up for Autumn trout fishing, not to mention remembering where I keep everything in my pack. They also fight like trout and are a lot of fun on light tackle.
  5. George you are so right. Due to the power outages from the tropical storm last week we had all 6 of our grandchildren for 5 days- we only lost power for a couple of hours and they were out for days. The tying desk is in a room with a door, my "Fortress of Solitude" and perfect place to be when the chaos and noise levels exceeded my threshold. I was also fortunate to get out on a the river while my wife an daughter took the tiny monsters on a long hike at a nearby state park. The water is really low at this time of year and therefore deserted -perfect. Tough fishing, really shallow, knee deep water was a "pool". I could see the brookies but are they spooky at this time of year. Still a great morning- I caught lots of quiet and I didn't have to watch Frozen for the 37th time! Parents that have more than 2 children are like superhero's to me-
  6. Here's my baby Mogup with the new taller stem. Dyna King Barracuda is a fantastic piece of engineering. I love the function that allows both our vises to pivot the jaws up. It really opens up the back of the hook. I also love that everything on both vises is stainless, brass or tool steel.
  7. DFoster


    Same here, there's always peace that needs keeping and that usually means getting back by noon to "accomplish something" Lol. Unfortunately the Swift is a 50 minute ride for me so it's always a choice of less time on a better river or more time on a lesser river. You're lucky to have it so close. I can get to the Still Water and Quinapoxet in 25 minutes but often I just hit the local spots for Fall Fish.
  8. At the Fly Fishing show there were several vendors selling Pearsall in almost every color. Not inexpensive though, I believe I paid about $6 per spool.
  9. DFoster


    His advise was "For Rainbows on this river fish small, nothing big". " And by small I mean #22-#32". "Dead drift on a high stick/ short line and wade with as little movement as possible". He is correct, for Rainbows on that river small dark color nymphs will usually out produce any thing else you can throw. Because of the small tippets and hooks required it's pretty challenging to land a large Rainbow once you hook them. You have to play the fish to tire him enough not to break a 7X at the net but not to the point of exhaustion. I'm happy to say as a rule the anglers on that river show a lot of respect to the trout and use as much time as necessary to release a tired fish. It's common to see someone gently holding a fish in the current until they oxygenate and kick out of the hand. Because its really easy to break a fish off on the light tippets almost everyone you talk too is barb less. The river is probably the best Brook Trout fishery in our state so when I'm there I'm fishing for Brook trout. I'll be using #14-#18 but I still catch a fair amount of Rainbows on them. Just not as many as the nymphing guys. If I'm targeting Rainbows specifically I'll go down to #18-#22. I'm guessing fishing a #28 probably sounds crazy to a guy from Alaska where the Rainbows eat adult mice?
  10. DFoster


    The name sounds correct- this was 7 or so years back so I'm not 100%. On the Swift I stay away from the Y pool and almost always fish West of 9 usually in the faster shallow stuff everyone tends to pass by on their way to the pipe. Trout at this time are tough but there are options though not without there own unique issues. The Deerfield fishes great if you don't mind the drive and dealing with the kayak hatches. The Quinapoxet and Still Water hold trout year round in the deeper holes but you got to hike to get to them. The pools right at the parking lot are generally fished out. The Miller's and East branch of the Swift are fished year round as well. I too prefer and most often fish the people free smaller streams when conditions allow.
  11. DFoster


    Some people are very approachable on the water, maybe even most, I am. Some people only get out very rarely or may have had to drive long way to be there so I understand if they don't want to waste river time talking. But I really enjoy talking to and learning from other anglers if their willing. If you have the humility to take advice you can learn much. The Swift River in our state is notoriously difficult to catch on because the fish are so heavily pressured. Tom Brady trout- they've seen everything. A few years back I used a couple of vacation days and at 55 years old I was the "youngster" on the water. This river mid week is generally fished by very retired guys. I spent a fair amount of time learning from them over those days and I've had success on that river ever since. One gentlemen sticks in my mind. He was in his late 70's or early 80's and I'm sorry to say I can't remember his name. One morning we ended up walking in together. While talking he said "I fish this river 300 days per year, do you want some advice"? I consider myself an accomplished fly fisher but when somebody say's to me they fish a river that often and then asks if I want advice I say "yes sir" and then I listen. We all know there are people out there who think the world owes them something and sadly sometimes they show up with a rod and reel in hand. When they decide it's time to fish they'll step into the river 10' up stream of your position because it's a good place to cross and hey otherwise they would have to go to all the trouble of walking another 100' down the river to get across. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and think maybe they are new to the sport and don't know any better? The reality is it's more likely that this is the same person that everyone has to drive around while they park in the fire lane in front of Walmart so their wife can go shop for an hour or two. The same person that leaves trash on the ground 20' from a trash can. The same person who will fish without a license, trespass posted land to get to the water then sue the land owner when they fall down. I'm thankful that they are the exception.
  12. I have no trouble believing there was a Mountain Lion nearby. People have seen and reported them for years here in Central/Western Mass only to be scoffed at by the state wildlife biologist office. . Then this happened, My wife and I were meeting after work for a drink at a local watering hole in here in Central Mass. Our local area isn't exactly Montana but most travelers to Boston and Cape Cod would be surprised at how rural the majority of the state is. The place is located next to a small lake with 17 acres of undeveloped land in the back. It was after dark and I got there first, when my wife came through the door her and another lady they said they had seen a mountain lion walking through the parking lot which is lit. After those of us at the bar finished laughing we walked out side to check it out but much like Sasquatch it had vanished. However the next day the news reported a mountain lion was hit and killed on a highway just over the border in Connecticut roughly 7 miles from where the bar is located. Same one? Probably. I remember reading a follow up in the paper that Connecticut wildlife management reported it was a male that had previously been DNA tagged in South Dakota. That's a long walk my friends! There is a simple lesson for me in this, If my wife tells me there's a Sasquatch in the parking lot I'm going to get off the damn bar stool!
  13. Considering I'm usually fishing for trout 16" or less in confined areas and small streams the rod I take most often is my LL Bean 7' 3" Pocket Water 3Wt. Not a common sight on the river but I don't know if it meets the "oddball" definition. When I'm on larger water and fish I go with my Hardy Angel 2 9' 5Wt. I also use a 7' 6" no name 1960's 5Wt bamboo rod that I restored myself. That would probably be the "Oddest" of the rods I fish.
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