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  1. https://youtu.be/R3uAhg7d1gU Jump to around the 17 minute mark and he talks about how he puts eyes on his flies
  2. Fly tying and fishing is for sure a great release. It's a good way to break up the seemingly endless hours of studying and an excuse to get outside. Thanks, Mike!
  3. My name is Reid, and I am from east central MN. I apparently made a profile on this forum last summer, but don't recall doing that and have only recently been on here more. I started fly tying in 4th grade in an after school fly tying class led by my 4th grade teacher. I actually tied for quite awhile before really fly fishing much at all, probably because I slowly taught myself with books and videos. I still am a pretty sub par fly fisherman and days of no catching are common. I finished my undergrad in 2018 at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I really enjoyed getting the chance to be close to a number of good driftless streams for those 4 years. After graduating from college I started to tie more and experiment with the fly rod on the St. Croix River for smallmouth bass. I started medical school at the U of MN this past fall, so time and money has become more limited, but I am hoping to get to SE MN and learn more about fly fishing for trout as time allows.
  4. Thanks for the advice Poopdeck! After hearing that I'll plan to swing through walmart soon and pick up some fabric fusion. I'm an almost entirely self or YouTube taught fly tier and fisherman, and have more recently been starting to look to forums for help. I really enjoy watching some of the top fly tiers/fisherman and their skills, but it gets intimidating when they are constantly using some top of the line, expensive material/gear that I dont have. Finding the line between quality materials and cost-effective alternatives with equally effective results is always helpful.
  5. Thanks for all the replies! Can someone elaborate on the different applications of the loon thin, thick, flow?
  6. Hi Everyone! I have been wanting to add epoxies/UV adhesives to my arsenal for adding eyes and shaping congo hair heads. Just curious what products people use for this. I see them used in fly tying videos but a lot of times they don't actually say what they are using. I'd rather not get the entire Loon UV kit if I'm only going to end up using one kind. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  7. I can check the legs from FTD that I just recently got. I'd guess the smaller ones would float.
  8. Thanks Sandan! I'll take that into account for sure and thin them out more next time. Also, meant the middle one was the first attempt.
  9. Pretty new to the streamer side of fly tying. The middle fly was the first attempt and is kinda ugly. Hopefully the fish dont mind. Kept it in more so for the progression of things. Hoping to fool some big browns next week with the top fly (attempt at a brookie imitation). Any feedback or suggestions on the flies is appreciated!
  10. Tier, No one is saying you should stop tying. In fact, they really are telling you to tie more and greatly encourage it. You just don't need to video every time you tie. It is a rite of passage for at least some of your first bugs to look like a lint ball, but those aren't the ones you video. It takes time and repetition of tying flies, and practicing specific techniques. The "youtube fly tyers" you are looking to emulate have invested large amounts of time behind the vice and have perfected their craft. Maybe start with posting pictures of your flies and ask for suggestions on how to improve. Gradually you'll get more and more proficient and eventually produce flies worthy of videoing. PS Many of my flies are not worth taking pictures of let alone videoing. They catch fish, but not necessarily a spectacle that people care to see/watch.
  11. I got my package from FTD three days after placing the order. Great service and speed of delivery! Like many have already said, lots of material for your money. The mottled look of the mixed Congo hair is pretty cool. For the money, hard to go wrong with the fish shanks, but they are razor sharp and took some creativity to get them how I wanted. If you're a big time articulated fly guy, I think there are better shanks, but for the money I can tolerate some finagling. The connecting wire has its pros and cons. Its stiffness I think well help prevent the trailing shank from fowling, but the stiffness makes it a little harder to work with. It also seems like it could be slippery to tie in, but without a hook on the trailing shank there shouldn't be much force on it anyway. The dubbing is really cool, but with the mixed in rubber legs varieties, it can be challenging to spin a dubbing noodle onto your thread. Probably why the Mad Scientist mostly "hanks" it on in his videos. The materials also give things a really scuzzy look which is great for what I'm going for. Flash is awesome! I really like the mixed in flash. Overall, you get a lot for your money. The color combinations leave the possibilities up to anything you can imagine. Great value, especially for streamer and warm water patterns.
  12. Sorry to hear about your friend, Mark! I really appreciate and admire the generosity. Best of luck in finding good homes for the fly tying materials.
  13. Are you having trouble getting the fibers into the loop evening, or adding an even amount of material across the length of the loop. You could try using a dubbing clip to get the fibers in the loop how you want, or maybe use dubbing wax to hold the fibers in place once positioned into the loop.
  14. I did see somewhere guys said the dubbing doesn't have the same volume as ram's wool when tied in, so might have to play around with it to get the effect I'm looking for. Even if it isnt quite what I was looking for hard to beat his prices. I'm thinking if I brush out the dubbing and get the fibers aligned that will help. I'll mostly be tying trout and smallmouth streamers, so not looking for huge volume anyway.
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