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  1. I picked other...cause real spawn works better...LOL Just kiddin! I use Mc Fly Foam for the nucleas of my "Nuke Eggs" and the Veil around it is Egg Yarn. Them are all I tie as far as egg flies cause they work so darn well!
  2. I was gonna suggest keeping politics out of here, but after reading I see you did! Good Job! I know of one other Hunting and Fishing site that has a ton of Politics and other non-sense threads on it so if anyone needs a fix send me a PM and I will direct you to the no good piece of garbabge site...
  3. He is still alive! I kinda miss my late night fishing pal! No one else will wade the rivers with me after work at 1am!!!
  4. For anyone in Michigan that didn't catch it due to the Debate being on and for those in other states I have the show on the web....click the link below>>>> http://www.michiganoutdoorsman.com/videos/salmon.wmv
  5. Got some crappy news...Seems the damn Presidential Election is on 56 tonight... and it replays at 2- 2:30am... I am awaiting a phone call from MUCC so stayed turn but the show might on air Saturday morning...What great luck I have Ok just got off the phone with Jimmy Gretzenger...all staions are airing it at the normal time slot EXCEPT PBS 56 Detroit (which is all I get) so check the channel listings above and Mickey or anyone else close by if you can catch it on another station PLEASE tape it for me. PBS 56 Detroit WILL AIR IT SATURDAY at the normal time slot... http://www.mucc.org/MOODTelevision.htm#showtimes
  6. Hey guys I'll be taking another Kamakazi Trip to PA pretty quick here...I would also like to Join you if you'll have me for this outing providing it's planned on a weekend I don't have my daughters...Every other weekend I get them and this Weekend (Oct 1, 2, and 3rd) is the weekend I don't have them...
  7. Myself and Spentwing took our Driftboats Down the Flies only with Jenny Olsen from Michigan Out of Doors this past weekend. Mike's Dad, my Dad and my Friend Al with us too! They are airing the segment tomorrow, Thursday September 30th 2004... Click below for the show times... http://www.mucc.org/MOODTelevision.htm#showtimes
  8. I will be up there tomorrow evening. Thursday I have something to take care of but should be around in the evening...If I am not fishing I will be at the huge 39 1/2 foot 5th Wheel with the 12 foot garage in back. My truck and my dad's black F-250 Diesel will be by it and my driftboat if we are there...Might not be close to the pavillion if there is no room to park that beast in them sites...Everyone have a safe Trip and see ya when ya get there!
  9. Can't wait to see everyone...and MSU...there is NO PHOTOSHOP work on that photo...Art really did that after we told him he had to pray to the Fish Gods! Remember if you are staying at Ivans tell them you are with michiganoutdoorsman.com
  10. Cool Ralf it will be good to see ya again...I'll be out on the river Friday so if we ain't back yet stick around, it'll be good to see ya again!
  11. Let me guess Ralf, Art had to go to France because of some College Program and he said, "Man I don't wanna go to GAY FRANCE...They will break my glasses there for sure!" Got ya Marc...I think it's only my father and OSD with RV Sites so they should be ok...although we might have to be away from the main crowd a bit with the new "Semi-Trailer 5th wheel" My dad has. The thing has a 12 foot GARAGE in the back!
  12. Ok I am sending out the final reservations this weekend. If you are a tent camper with just a spot for a tent needed then you can just show up and there will be room. RV's are the only ones that Might need me to reserve a spot. Here's the list please reply telling me if you are still going and if anyone else wants to go chime in! Rv Sites- OSD Tent Sites- Flyfishenvy & Guest Trout Traveler Old Injun & Guest Wicked Carpenter and Guest
  13. Ok cool So Injun is with FFE... Bummer on the Jobs...more fishing time though!!! Rv Sites- OSD Tent Sites- Flyfishenvy & Guest Trout Traveler Old Injun & Guest
  14. Can you explain what the "Macro Setting" is?
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