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  1. You will need to find a file hosting website that supports audio files and deep-link from that site. I know at http://www.savefile.com you can submit files, but people will have to download the file to their computer before they can view/hear it.
  2. I would highly recommend the Custom 98 by Tippmann. It is just under $200, and VERY durable and upgradeable. The basic model does not have a large enough trigger to fit two fingers in for rapid fire, but you can upgrade it later to have this feature and more.
  3. Blech, at grade 12 it gets worse. Doin' Physics 12, Chemistry 12, LA 12, Math 12. Studying to be either a Physical or Chemical Engineer *mad grin and twitching eye*
  4. Man, whats so freaky about seeing a close up of that masterpiece at the top of the page?
  5. Be sure to tell us what you tried and if it was good. I am tryin' to convince my parents to let me try it.
  6. Have a great Birthday Guys! Be sure to eat lots of good food.
  7. B.C.TroutHunter


    Dang, that really sucks man. I hope that things go better wih you. Trust me, a person who plans to commit suicide will always not act quite themselves (the degree of unusaul behavior can vary but they do act strange), and rarley do they ever tell what they are planning.
  8. Good job to everyone who made it to the top 5. All those entries truely are winners. Hope to see you guys in next years' compitition.
  9. So tonight is the moment of truth. I donno about the rest of you, but I can't wait! :jumpy:
  10. With the annual Fly Tyer of the Year contest comes the probably inevatble topic of "did I make any progress in my tying skills this past year?". So lets hear how you guys think you have been able to advance your tying skills, and what ways you hope to improve it in the next year.
  11. What's the matter? You don't like not being able to vote for your own fly? Coming from someone who wanted to sign up family members to stuff the ballot box, that's laughable. :hyst: No no no. It is completely something else.
  12. chemprof2001 - Ah yea, I have forgoten about the silver electrode, thanks for pointing that out. If you have one of J. L. Wile's Advanced Chemistry text books, in Module 9 page 292 he says that during college years he used the setup I just described (except with two silver electrodes) to form more solid silver (which he was actually able to sell to jewlers who made their own jewlery). He uses this setup in the text book to give the students an example of how to calculate how long it would take 100 grams of silver (first calculating the moles of Ag, then the moles of electrons, convert that to Coulombs, and then dividing that by the amps.). Thank you for the input and the "heads-up" that the hook may have a finish. I have yet to try this out, but I know of a few doctor friends who may be able to get me some silver nitrate at a cheaper price then.
  13. Well, this kinda hit me when I was busy doing my Chem 12. Ok, before I begin I just want to give you a chemical formula: AgNO3 (l/aq) + e^- ---> Ag (s) + NO3^- (aq) Now what does this mean? AgNO3 is the formula for silver nitrate (a liquid/aquas substance that is/use to be disposed of by hospitals) plus an electron makes SOLID silver and nitrate. So here is the setup: An 11 amp battery (this will be where the electrons come from) will with two seperate wires attached to it. On the wire that has is attached to the positive, wrap some of the bare wire of the other end around a salmon hook. Next get a clear bowl, and pour in the silver nitrate, and then stick the negative wire and the hook into the solution (but don't let the ends touch). Soon, little bits of silver should start appearing on the hook as the solid silver forms on it. That my friends is my hypothesis on how to create "home made" silver plated hooks. Now just to find some silver nitrate to test it. :devil: (I e-mailed the author of the text book to see what he thinks of the idea. I'll keep ya posted. :devil: )
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