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  1. Anyone gotten their flies yet? I would have thought mine would have been here by now if put in the mail on Tuesday... -Forrest
  2. I got flies from Riff and SullyTM today. Thanks for the extras guys! -Forrest
  3. If you tied up 10 you just won't get one of yours back.... There are 11 including the swapmaster... -Forrest
  4. My submission for this month is a foam beetle with rubber legs. I have them all tied up, but haven't sent them your way yet Paul. -Forrest
  5. Hambone, I too am doing a Seaducer, but I will not weight mine. Mine will be red and white just so that we do not have duplicates. -Forrest
  6. Just so you don't waste a trip to the post office, they are closed on Monday Piker. -Forrest
  7. I am in on this one! I will tie a fly that has been used since the 1800's. According to Bob Clouser, the fly's originator is unknown. It was originally called the Red and White Hackle, but is more commonly known as a Seaducer. I will tie these on a Mustad 3366 hook, probably in size 4 or 6 depending on which I have more stock of. Bass Pro doesn't carry the Mustad hooks anymore so they are harder for me to get ahold of and that is what I tie all my Clouser Minnows on. I have 20 poppers to finish up this morning, then I will start on these. I should be fine on the June 15th close date, but others may need until the end of June. I am sure everyone will post their time restraints if they have any. Thanks for setting this one up! -Forrest
  8. Same here.......... It's Bass season here in Chicagoland. Sure would be nice to have these flies! -Forrest
  9. fshrmanms's poppers came in yesterday. Holy cow those are some nice poppers! I will post pictures when everyone has their flies in and we can vote for the winner of the extra flies from me. -Forrest
  10. The most expensive thing about this hobby is buying twice. Start out with good tools. You can get a set of Dr. Slicks for around 50 bucks. Also, don't get the vice that costs $14.99. You don't (nor does anyone else) need a renzetti master vice at 700 bucks. There are plenty of acceptable vices in the under $100 range. Buy your materials as you need them. What is in the kits is mostly junk. Tell us how much you are looking to spend and then we can chime in from there..... -Forrest
  11. I have seen musky flies over a foot long.... So, big fly = heavy weight rod. They don't make rods up to 15wt for nothing! -Forrest
  12. I updated the original post on this thread with my address. -Forrest
  13. Got mine in the mail today. Not sure when they came as I was out of town since Thursday. I have been mailing those little boxes around in the mail in the standard envelopes now for going on a year and a half. I usually just secure the seal with a piece of tape. I have only had one of those boxes get broken but the flies were OK. The dang postal people are always worried about something or other. The other day I went there and didn't have cash. So, I pulled out the plastic. On my credit card I have written "see ID" in hopes that the clerks always ask to see my ID instead of just swiping the card. Roughly 1 in 10 of them actually look at it before swiping. I do this as a safety measure. The lady at the post office which apparently hates her job/life would not accept my credit card because I had not "signed" the back of it. I asked for a pencil. Signed it in pencil then licked my finger and wiped it off after she swiped my card and handed me my receipt. She then proceeded to tell me that the transaction was not good anymore. I walked out because I figured she was too lazy to dig all my packages out of the bin and cancel my credit card transaction. I have ran into the same thing that you said about the printed postage. That also depends on the persons mood behind the counter. When they try to lecture me about something, which is basically every time I walk in the door there, I remind them of how many millions of dollars they are in debt and that they should appreciate the business. That usually quiets them down. -Forrest
  14. Riff, are you doing the pattern from "blugill fly fishing and flies"?? Just curious, as this is the only one I have seen.... -Forrest
  15. Got 'em! Yahoooooo! -Forrest
  16. Did you tell Justin? I bet he would make it right... -Forrest
  17. Mine are in the mail as of yesterday... -Forrest
  18. FYI The BWO's have already been treated with Watershed, so they should float like corks! Have you mailed these out yet? I have not gotten my March flies yet.... -Forrest
  19. If you're dropping out I'll take your spot. -Mike Crackleback, I am updating the post that you are taking the spot. Thanks for jumping in. Forrest
  20. Only three more spots left. For those of you already signed up, send out an invite to someone. First three to reply on this thread are in! -Forrest
  21. I have updated the original post with those of you who have joined. This is going to be a great swap! -Forrest
  22. easternfly, I have never tied tube flies but got a tube fly attachment on fleabay for around 8 bucks including shipping. It has three different needle sizes, for different size tubes. -Forrest
  23. It is getting closer to popper time! Let's have 10 people join in and tie up your favorite popper. Everyone tie up 10 flies. You will not get one of your own back since there are 11 people including myself. All skill levels welcomed. I hope to get a variety of sizes and materials, from bluegill to bucketmouths, and cork to deer jhair. When you say "I'm in" please list the popper material (cork, deer hair, foam, etc) and the size you intend to tie. Once all the flies are in, I will photo each one. We will then all vote on our favorite popper, and that person will get some extra flies from me! Also, if, and only if, everyone has their flies to me in time, I will tie up an extra of my favorite bluegill flies for each of you! Hint Hint: I want this swap to go smoothly, meaning no drop outs and flies in on time Due date for this is June 20th. WE ARE FULL! When finished, send flies to: Forrest Miller 3865 Gabrielle Lane APT 521 Aurora IL 60504 Also, if you would, please reply in the thread and let me know what date you shipped your flies. Swapmiester - Foam popper - Smallmouth size*******************************Done as of 6/2********************************************* 1)fshrmanms - wood - bass (#6 or #8) *****************************************Received 5/23********************************************* 2)bluegill576 - foam - #8***********************************************************Received 6/25/12****************************************** 3)riffleriversteelheadslayer - cork - bass (#4) - round dinny*********************Received 6/1********************************************** 4)easternfly - bass (#4)**********************************************************Received 6/8********************************************** 5)Jolly Red - foam - #10**********************************************************Received 6/4********************************************* 6)SullyTM - #4 -Delta Destroyer**************************************************Received 6/1********************************************** 7)djgunter - Hard Foam - #10******************************************************Received 6/25/12***************************************** 8)david mcvey - foam - 6 or 8****************************************************Received 6/18********************************************* 9)gpd4 - foam - smallmouth*****************************************************Received 6/11********************************************* 10)Crackleback - 1 - Deer Hair**************************************************Received 6/18*********************************************
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