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  1. Nice assortment Denduke I need to try them as a strike indicator like you do. Rich mc have you seen how you can make your own Floating Jigs? This is something I have to try with some of my molds, just need to get some EPB and hooks. Adding legs is a great idea.
  2. It's Grasshopper Season Size: #10 Thanks Dave, yep frog is an easy tie once foam is prepped and Plasti dipped.
  3. Real nice and long enough trip to get acclimated to the surroundings. Did you camp or have lodging?
  4. Thanks PD, Mark & Niveker. The last one has been kitchen sink tested and floats fine. All that's left is the swim test to see how well it wiggles and dives.
  5. fshng2

    Caption this....

    This is a stretch, but if the fly was yawning. it could be a clue while playing charades. Fa-lie moon yawn (Filet Mignon)
  6. fshng2

    Caption this....

    When life seems to take an uphill climb. Take comfort in the fact that you are mooning everyone behind you.
  7. More Frog Fly Prototypes Hook: Daiichi 2461 Body: Fabric/Foam coated with Plasti Dip Tail: Sand Barred Sili Legs/Pearl Crystal Flash Eyes: 3D Adhesive: E6000
  8. Video of visitor this morning. https://i.imgur.com/JG6kmNZ.mp4
  9. This would be an excellent cover pic for a YouTube video.
  10. Specific Gravity of other textile fibers. Just a few comments on textile fibers that work for me. Polyester works great for dubbing. It binds well to itself or when mixed with natural fibers. Aunt Lydia's rug yarn (Polyester) sparkles in the sunlight which I feel makes the fish want to take a closer look. Poly Yarn (Polypropylene) is good for dry fly wings, posts, and has a SG of .90 which makes it light weight and floats. https://www.madriveroutfitters.com/p-534-polypropylene-yarn.aspx As an added bonus neither of the two above materials will hold water. Trilobal Nylons also sparkle in the sunlight and are readily available. Textile Fibers Fiber densities in g/cm3 Commercial name Cotton 1.55 Raw Cotton 1.54 Mercerized Flax 1.50 Jute 1.50 Wool 1.30 No brand Silk 1.33 Natural Silk 1.60 Weighted Silk 1.32 Tussah Polyester 1.22 Kodel, vestan Polyester 1.38 Teryleen, Dacron Viscose 1.53 Cuprammonium 1.53 Polyurethane 1.15 Lycra Polypropylene 0.90 Meraklon Polyethylene 0.92 Courlene Polyethylene 0.95 Courlene X3 Nylon 6 1.13 Perlon Nylon 66 1.14 Tri-nylon Acrylic 1.14-1.17 Orlon (staple/filament) Polyvinyl alcohol 1.30 Kuralon, vinal https://fashion2apparel.blogspot.com/2016/12/important-textile-fibers-densities.html
  11. The jig you show looks similar to a sparkie. Barlows description: The wide head shape will not let the jig tip to the side when it rests on the bottom. This enables the lure to be used with a slider method as well as regular jigging action.
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