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  1. Nice job with the pelt. The fur is very durable and I am surprised it is not used more. I find the variegated fibers appealing for many patterns, and is easily dyed.
  2. Great looking flies Moshup & Sandan. Same technique as for Moose Maine, but somehow I never made the connection. I now have a new use for my horse tail hair....thanks guys.
  3. 👍..Mark did you do any good with flies?
  4. Love it....never thought to use GP for legs, I will have to tie up a few. Thanks for posting Dfoster & thanks for the link nikever.
  5. Nice snook CB, and great video .... you got it all from hook up to net.
  6. Nice pattern Scott, dying black deer hair turned out real good.
  7. Thanks for the info Scott. I tried dying buck tail with Rit dye and it came out grey with bluish overtones. I really like the color but not what I expected.
  8. SBPatt I am liking the last two. Definite confidence patterns. Is it difficult dying the pheasant rump black?
  9. A lady gave birth to her son in the car on the way to the hospital. Her husband named the kid Carson.
  10. Thanks for posting Denduke. Attached is link https://www.purpletacoflysupply.com/?s=Grab+bag&post_type=product
  11. Cheap Canoe under Four Bucks
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