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Found 24 results

  1. Title says it all. I can't find this pattern via Google. Anyone know how to tie them? Thanks, Mark
  2. Here is new Pike flies I have tied
  3. Here is some new pike streamers from my vice, enjoy
  4. Here is some pike flies I have tied 😊
  5. Hey All, I am new(ish) to fly fishing, and have decided that I need to take an old obsession (Pike Fishing) and pair it with the new craze. So I picked up some heavy weight rods, some sinking line, and I am trying to get ready to really get after some warm water predators. This is where YOU come in!!! I'm looking for advice on tying up large flys intended for large Esox species (30"+ Pike, 40"+ Musky) I am typically tying on 1/0 to 5/0 hooks and throwing with 9 or 10wt rods I've banged out a couple of flys that I like, but would love to hear some feedback / advice on a few things specifically; • Tips or techniques that others find work well to reduce weight while still providing a large profile • Recommendations on hooks for larger toothy critters • Reliable leader setups that include or integrate wire bite leads • Tricks for casting a 9"+ "Wet Mop" • Anything else that you feel would be good for someone specifically targeting Esox If nothing else, let me see the biggest flys you've tied!!! Tight Lines from the land of 10,000 Lakes! DAE
  6. This has to be one of my favorite streamers for bass fishing. It swims really well in the water with lots of movement. There is lots of flash in the tail which attracts fish like pike who seem to go after shiny things. Also, this fly doesn't hold a lot of water, so its not too difficult to cast with a 6wt-8wt rod. You could use other materials as well for this. If you don't have Arctic Wind dubbing, you could use hairlines custom blend. It has different properties, but it would work for this pattern. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - Size 1/0 Thread: Danville's 210 flat waxed - Chartreuse Tail: Extra Select Craft Fur - White and Chartreuse Flash: Flashabou - Pearl Collar: Starburst Dubbing - Hot yellow Weight: Brass Dumbbell eye - 5mm Adhesive: Krazy Glue Dubbing Head: Arctic Wind Dubbing - White and Hot Yellow Head Cement: Solarez "Bone Dry" UV curing resin
  7. I have added an updated video to my musky fly tying section. It's a method of using wire tippet in a manner that makes it quick change and reliable. This system has not let me down yet. https://tieflycast.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/gear-musky-leaders-and-tippets/
  8. Hi Guys, The Wiggle Tail Pike Rig is dedicated to flyfishing Pike... Good Vision http://gdpdressing.blogspot.it/p/blog-page_18.html
  9. I have been tying up a bunch of flies for an upcoming pike trip to Canada. Since it has been winter here, I hadn't been able to test any of my flies until this past weekend. I went out Saturday and tried each different style to see how they would swim. The big tube flies and EP fiber baitfish all sat and floated nearly horizontal in the water in between strips. When I would strip in the deceivers and rabbit strip type flies, the heads would sink in between strips. This doesn't look very natural to me, do you think it will bother the fish? I have never fished a deceiver before, is this what they are supposed to do in the water? I was wondering if I wasn't using enough of the thicker, more buoyant pieces of bucktail, or maybe my hooks are too heavy. I have been tying most of these flies on 3/0 Partridge Universal Predator X hooks. Maybe these flies are just meant to be stripped faster so the head doesn't have a chance to sink, or maybe it doesn't matter to the fish if they swim this way. Let me know what you all think.
  10. Does anyone know where you can get wiggle tails in the US? I can only seem to find them on European websites and would prefer to not have to buy them from overseas. Also, does anyone have any experience with them? I think they would be deadly when used with a tube fly rig.
  11. Hy Guys, a new video for make a Jig head by yourself ! www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa0UOkhy7qM Tight Lines
  12. I've been messing around tying some of Kelly Galloup Style Articulated flies. Here is my Sex Dungeon fly. Just deer hair, lead eyes, cactus chenille, marabou, hackle, b10s hook for front, and 3x streamer hook in the back!
  13. Decided to tie up one of Thomas Harvey's flies called "The Trophy Wife". Made it to imitate baby trout. Criticism would be appreciated! Tied on a size two owner hook.
  14. This was tied on a size 2 jig hook. Large dumbell eyes, copper flash chenille, crazy legs for skirt, with two barred rabbit strips with foam on the ends for claws. Has a very nice jigging action.IMG_0034.MOV
  15. Tied up the fly by Thomas Harvey called the Trophy Wife. Criticism wanted! This is tied on a size two owner hook.
  16. Here are some of the new flies i tied Today and that I tied for the International fly tying competition!
  17. can anyone give me any names for good pike and steelhead flies, or any videos for either
  18. Will put into fly data base. Basis popper-slider construction with: Rattle built from .17HMR shell casing, glass beads, steel .17 bb, crimp neck of shell Eyes built from gold craft bead-plastic, burned weed-eater mono, black Sharpie Legs bead stretch cord Tailing materials: Large domestic turkey, white bucktail, silver xmas fine mylar tinsel, pink bucktail Body -pink and white Schlappen, Gel pen grip from Office Depot
  19. I received a goodie bag of prizes from Misfit Fly Co. and it included some tube material. I have never fished a tube fly or seen one in person. Here was my first attempt. I had no idea what to use as material, so, I just went with what I had on hand. It was actually fun to tie, and see how adding the disc gave the material some body. It'll be interesting to see this one in the water. Material list -EP Fibers -Flash -Tube -tube disc (don't know the correct term) -Misfit Holo Head I would love to hear of suggestions on materials. I know that I could use some hackle, but that's about all I know that would look good on these.
  20. For those of you that dont make to the "flies from the vise section".. These are predator poppers I am just beginning production/testing on for a local shop. Made with a two part foam and a 90lb through wire. My next batch will be on tubes which should be more practical, I just didnt have any at the moment! Hook is a 7/0 gamakatsu. I should have a video this week of the fly in action. The "Pop" is incredible.
  21. been holed up in the cave bad weather stopping me chasing green meanies heres a few ideas ive come up with enjoy
  22. Some baitfish for Musky and Pike. All tied on 5/0 and 6/0 hooks.
  23. I'm very interested to get people's views on this subject as I know they will differ greatly. I salmon fish in NW Scotland where slowly the trend is moving towards catch and release. I fly fish for pike in the winter, which is all catch and release. With flyfishing for pike we are encouraged to use heavier tackle eg an 8wt rod and heavier leader. The theory behind this is you play the fish for less time and when the fish is released it is not totally depleted! Also the intro of barbless hooks (I don't need to explain the benefit in a C&R fishery do I?). So you can probably see where I'm going with this..... Last summer 3 fish were played beautifully and skillfully into the back by members of the party I was with in Scotland. Two of them died from sheer exhaustion of a 30min fight and the other well I hope it's still swimming. My question is at what stage do we start to migrate to heavier tackle and barbless hooks in the quest for preservation of our native stocks? I for one will be fishing this summer with an 8wt, heavier leader and barbless hooks as I endeavor to release all I catch. That said I need to catch the silver king first any fly suggestions please? Edward
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