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  1. Your SBS and flys are always great, this is a keeper. Thank you
  2. That looks great!! Good job, that is somthing I would make if I had time to do it. I like the darker look, sorry Mike, it makes the brass and tools stand out. Again GREAT JOB...
  3. Wrap them with green chillie and bacon!! thats the way we did it, it was off the wall good. Thanks for posting the pick and sharing the moment.
  4. Great looking attractor pattern, a lot of people ask about tying an easy attractor pattern and I think you just gave them one. Thanks for the SBS.
  5. I don't always eat hooks, but when I do I eat yours. Stay tying my friends............
  6. Thumb drive or flash drive whatever you prefer to call it, dumped to a hard drive once a year. I do the same as FlaFly. Hundreds of "some day" on it.
  7. eastern fly that is really great, my wife wants to start fly fishing so I really hope that she goes with me so we could also share time enjoying a great sport and time together. I know I said I like to spend time with my wife, but its not all that bad..
  8. I like the Tenkara idea, something to look into..
  9. Thanks for sharing, what a great sbs, and pictures.
  10. Ok, the beverage holder is the bomb. Along with the rest of your setup. Great desk
  11. Really like the tips from the video also and the fly. I will be tying this one up for the spring. Thanks for posting
  12. Great diagram on the hair packing tool, Mikechell..
  13. Seems like I use more natural dubbing for dries and synthetic/natural for wets. I don't know why I feel this way or tie this way but I do....
  14. SilverCreek, Great diagram showing the explanation of biots!!! I'm always amazed at the info the individuals give to others on this Forum. Thanks
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